Eternity Road

Another retro review, this time from about May 1997.

A short review for me because I was either lazy or more concise and better writer then.

Or maybe it just wasn’t one of those books to inspire much comment one way or another.

My mother doesn’t read much science fiction, but her limited perspective review was that McDevitt didn’t know much about horses.

Review: Eternity Road, Jack McDevitt, 1997.Eternity Road

There’s a lot to like in this quest story set in North America several centuries after a plague brought the “Roadmaker” civilization to an end in 2079. There are the scholarly speculations, sometimes comical, sometimes poignant, on the meaning of Roadmaker ruins and literature. It is the discovery of a lost Mark Twain work that sets a group of scholars in search of the legendary Haven, reputed treasure trove of Roadmaker learning.

The journey to Haven definitely holds the reader’s interest with the scholars encountering artifical intelligences that still haunt the landscape, river pirates, and other hazards of the road. However, the story quickly falters when Haven is reached. McDevitt hurries the conclusion to his tale, and, though he provides a definite conclusion , it is so rushed it makes the book seem unfinished.


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