The Jericho Iteration

Jericho Iteration_Another retro review, this time from October 5, 1997.

Another short review, I see. I also forgot this is another science fiction novel that’s gone from being a near future work to alternate history.

Review: The Jericho Iteration, Allen Steele, 1994.

A St. Louis trashed out from an earthquake on the New Madrid fault in 2012 and under the management of the sinister Emergency Relief Agency forms the backdrop to this well done thriller.

When dead scientists start turning up, Gerry Rosen, reporter for an alternate weekly, realizes that a local defense contractor and the ERA have something to hide. That something isn’t a new idea to science fiction, but Steele still tells an exciting story greatly helped out by the setting of a devastated St. Louis occuppied by government thugs.


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