Settling Accounts: The Grapple

I continue to exhaust the back supply of reviews while working on other things.

Yes, it’s another Harry Turtledove review. This one is from October 27, 2008.

Review: Settling Accounts: The Grapple, Harry Turtledove, 2006.The Grapple

While not an entry point, this is actually one of the better novels in this series. Rather than a static – and sometimes unconvincing – recreation of European WWI trench warfare on America soil, a Fuehrer rearming the Confederate States of America in the interwar years, and the Battle of Stalingrad retold as the Battle of Pittsburgh, this novel has a lot of mobile warfare as the USA drives into the heart of the Confederacy. Turtledove continues, from earlier novels in the series, bringing in tactical innovations not seen in our version of WWII. There is also more attention to the other theatres of war outside of North America. And, in this harsher alternate to our world, a lot of thought is expended on what to do with various rebels be they Canadian, Mormon, or the soon to be vanquished Confederates.

Genocide is irrefutably exposed in Camp Determination where one character meets an unexpected end and another one meets an all too expected end.

In short, this novel feels more like an alternate history – and not just a retelling of history with changed names and places – than any other book in this series apart from its stellar start, How Few Remain.


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