The Bester series continues.

Raw Feed (1990): Starburst, Alfred Bester, 1958.Starburst

You’d be better off with another Bester collection though this has many good stories.

I’ll mention stories not found in Bester’s Starlight collection.

The Roller Coaster” — This creepy story reminds me of another story of time travelers from the future getting their violent kicks on hapless victims in our era: John Kessel’s “The Pure Product”. Bester, as usual, is a groundbreaker, and this is another of his novel uses for time travel in sf. Here people from the future provoke people into committing violence against them. The thrill of being attacked is sought for the same reason we seek the fear inherent in the roller coaster, hence the title.

Travel Diary” — This is a fluffy, slightly humorous piece (more vignette than story) about a Grand Tour in space. Nothing special here.


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