After Dinner Mint & Other Stories

A retro review from December 4, 2012 …

Ms. Auverigne certainly has kept active as a writer.

This one came to as a review copy from the author via LibraryThing.

Review: After Dinner Mint & Other Stories, ed. Amanda Lawrence Auverigne, 2012.After Dinner Mint

These are slick stories, and this is a slick production. The prose is polished, glib, and smooth. The dialogue is particularly believable. There are no typos and no clumsy prose. Four of the five stories have fantastic elements and the fifth plays off such notions. In particular, two are engaging and light-hearted.

In the Snow” has Rita and her too serious boyfriend, a medical student, getting a surprise when she forces him to lighten up and make some snow angels.

Compliment” is a short-short about a man conversing with a beautiful woman – painted on a canvass.

A High Level of Achievement” has med students gradually revealing odd powers and an odd situation as they dissect cadavers.

After Dinner Mint” – an occasionally funny tale about an uneasy and hostile dinner party that ensues when parents meet a prospective son-in-law.

The Will” is also built around rancor – that of rapacious siblings gathering to see what they inherited. The youngest walks away sans the riches of the others, but that is not the end of matters. It is perhaps the highlight of the collection if somewhat predictable in the manner of the classic The Twilight Zone.

Like the titular candy, these literary treats were pleasant enough but utterly forgettable.


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