Plague City

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This retro review is from March 30, 2013. The review copy came from the author via LibraryThing. I don’t remember it being billed, as it now is, as part one of a larger story.

Review: Plague City, Matthew Milson, 2013.Plague City

A dark fantasy of psychological dissolution, this is set in sort of a poor, alternate version of the 1930s.

Coal is the mayor of an impoverished city walled off for 200 hundred years, trying to keep the Plague at bay. He resorts to “Purgings”, atrocities secretly executed by Mama Ruth, a mobster who runs the city from a soup kitchen, that provide the pretext for fighting the moral degeneracy he perceives as causing the Plague.

Something between a realistic tale and an allegory, this story keeps your interest. Just don’t expect a medical thriller or a realistic depiction of a city dealing with a disease epidemic.


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