Bone Wars

The weird western series continues, this time with a science fictional weird western.

Raw Feed (2007): Bone Wars, Brett Davis, 1998.Bone Wars

A sometimes plodding story of the real-life paleontologists Othniel Marsh and Edward Cope competing for bones in Montana in 1876. They come across two competing aliens who, for reasons not entirely clear (a war fought between aliens?, genetic experiments?, splicing genetic material into Earth’s organisms?, racial pride?) who want the bones. They decide to foil their efforts. Another real paleontologist, Charles Sternberg, is a character as is Sitting Bull.

There is a little, and not often successful, attempt at wry humor and a bit of genuine tragedy when the lover of Al Stilson aka Alice Stilson, Sitting Lizard aka George Burgess, is shot and killed. Still, not really very interesting as a weird western, a story of alien intrigue and technology, or fossil hunting


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