Stealing Other People’s Homework: Fyodor Berezin


Catching up on my Fortean Times reading, I’ve been introduced to Fyodor Berezin: Russian agent (maybe), Donetsk separatist (maybe), latest in a long line of future war novelists, war leader, and subroutine in a giant computer (maybe).

Jack Hitt’s “The Russian Tom Clancy Is on the Front Lines for Real” interviews Berezin.

The inevitable wiki page summarizes some of his novels.

Eliot Borenstein’s “Russia, Ukraine, and the Fantasies of War” places Berezin in the context of the Ukrainian situation.

While I’m not quite as worried about the modern Russia as others are, two sites in the blog roll, The XXth Committee and The Baltic Sea at War (penned by faithful blog visitor Richard Reynolds), provide useful information in considering the opposite perspective.





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