Poetry: “On Being Resurrected in Cleveland”

My series on the Worldwide Church of God ends with a poem that was partially inspired by my days in that organization.

Whatever you think of its merits, it was selected by Keith Allen Daniels for his 2001: A Science Fiction Poetry Anthology. There I shared the pages with, among others, Roald Hoffmann, 1981’s co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

On Being Resurrected in Cleveland

Never believed in you

The future of no end,

Man recomplicating.


Revelation has complications.

I stared into the abyss

And nothing happened.


Never a captain or capitalist,

Not a poet or poisoner

But always drunk on Wormwood’s apathy.


Thirty years I listened.

The Trumpet never sounded.

The Seals never snapped.

The Horsemen never came.


Barbed wire of phantom camps

Bound my ambition until I

Took a casual swim in a cryonic sea.


Apocalypse and Rapture

Synonyms for futility.

You stretched my time on telomeres

And brought me into eternity.


And you apologized for this morning

Of testy Turing machines in Turin

And killer bots in Calcutta

And brainbleeding agony from Burundi

With an asteroid on the way.


I’ve seen world’s end

A thousand times. I don’t mind

One more.


But I’ve got plans.

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