White Death

We’re done with the religious apocalypticism for a while.

The thermometer was hovering around zero Fahrenheit last week, and that meant it was time to get out some polar related book.

Since this was in the review pile from LibraryThing, I picked up this one.

Review: White Death, Jack Castle, 2016.white-death

It’s sometime in the near future and something large and lethal is prowling Alaska.

After being dressed down at the Arctic Imperative Conference, by the President of Iceland no less, archaeologist Kate Foster slinks away in academic disgrace for proposing that beneath the Bering Strait are the remnants of a very old civilization.

But a shadowy employer decides she just the woman for a remote research station on an island off Alaska.

Too bad the entire crew at the base is murdered before she gets there.

Foster tags along with a group of Alaskan police investigators going to the crime scene.

Once on the island, we get something like John Carpenter’s The Thing crossed with one of my boyhood favorites, Alistair Maclean’s Night without End. Add some archaeology like something out of Graham Hancock, forteana, blizzards, monsters, ancient ruins, and mercs, and you’ve got a winner.

Can’t say more. Castle gives us a taunt, short novel. Even the walk-on characters there to show us how the monster works are well done. Saying more would blow some surprises.

Sure, in parts, its formula fiction, but it’s well-done formula fiction. There’s enough here for a sequel, but one isn’t necessary.

Sure, Jack Castle (not the author’s real name) is a memorable name. But now it’ll be a good memory.


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