RIP Ed Bryant

Ed Bryant has died.

He was one of my favorite reviewers for Locus. He was witty and funny, but he never sacrificed the accuracy of a review for a joke.

4 thoughts on “RIP Ed Bryant

    1. I recall that the review for Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens Nighteyes was pretty good.

      Mostly I liked his asides.

      In one column he compared a bunch of books that month to Connie Willis’ three-legged cat: there was something wrong with them but they still managed to work.

      Regarding Dean Koontz, he said he mixed genres up and said “Nice work, if you can get it.”

  1. I believe the only stories of Bryant’s I’ve read are “Particle Theory”, “The Transfer”, and “The Good Kids”.

    I saw you had done a review of some of his stuff. I’m trying to catch up on your blog and several others after not doing a lot of regular online reading the past few months.

    I like Bryant’s general observations like the shorthand of “biter-bitten” (probably not original to him) for certain twist endings.

    He did a lot of reviews of horror novels for Locus. I can remember him once observing that the most interesting part of a lot of horror stories would have been the stuff after end — namely how all this was going to be explained to the authorities.

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