A Gathering of Stars

Raw Feed (1990): A Gathering of Stars: Book Two of The Mechanical Sky, Donald Moffitt, 1990.gathering-of-stars

A wonder filled finish to the series.

The first book concentrates on political intrigue, repression, and biological monstrosities on Mars. This one has a great idea: creating artificial black holes to drag stars around and create a dense, complex solar system capable of being ruled by one ruler. It was an awe inspiring, very convincing idea though I must admit I did, at times, get bogged down in the astrophysical detail. Moffitt used a lot of plausible sounding (to me at least) cosmological theory combined with solid Newtonian mechanics.

I liked many of the other wonders: wooden starships, the comet forests, and the fanatical Assassins.

The old bit of a prince in disguise shows up to make the series a bit formulaic. There is much derring-do, a romance, and a love lost. I liked the enlightened rule of the Sultan of Alpha Centauri and the idea of creating a wandering solar system for all the non-Moslems (and any Moslems that want to come along) including the barely Islamized North Americans.

All in all an enjoyable series with a good combination of action, exotic locales and notion, finely drawn culture, and the great idea of moving around solar systems.


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