I’ll continue with the Garfield Reeves-Stevens series.

This one also came to my attention via an Ed Bryant review in Locus.

Raw Feed (1990): Nighteyes, Garfield Reeves-Stevens, 1989.Nighteyes

Reeves-Stevens does a competent job of synthesizing ufology and alien abduction accounts into a plot of future humans snatching humans to save them from genetic stagnation and some of us from death in a mysterious apocalypse that seems to be an alien invasion (only a band of humans in New Zealand survives). It is the vagueness of this future war and apocalypse that is annoying.

The second letdown in the novel is that the subject matter of alien abduction is such a well-worked vein that even Reeves-Stevens’ skill can not bring it completely to life. The created mythology of ufo snatch raids is a synthesis of ideas about ufos, ideas largely known already. The novelty is gone. Reeves-Stevens brings the body of speculations to life, but it’s a weak life.


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