“The Statement of Randolph Carter”

While I work on the backlog of new reviews, I’m continuing the Lovecraft series.

Raw Feed (2005): “The Statement of Randolph Carter”, H. P. Lovecraft, 1919.277a820dd7a0f4d98d1dd010.L

This 1919 story is fun even though it’s early Lovecraft operating in a more traditional horror vein.

It’s most notable for the introduction of the Randolph Carter who features in more strange, Dunsanian stories later on. Still, I liked this story with indescribable subterranean horrors and a young Randolph Carter deemed to nervous and unsteady to accompany his friend Harley Warren who, of course, meets a bad end beneath a cemetery in Gainesville, Florida.

This end is a bit jokey (and, the device of the telephone wire shows Lovecraft’s interest in technology) with some unnamed entity calling up Carter and telling him that “YOU FOOL, WARREN IS DEAD!”


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