The Lovecraft series continues.

Raw Feed (2005, 2015): “Dagon”, H. P. Lovecraft, 1917.

Dagon and Other Macabre TalesThis story is, of course, an earlier working of the ideas — sunken cities rising out of the water again, older, alien races surviving — of Lovecraft’s more celebrated “The Call of Cthulhu“. We even have the same sort of language.

Rereading this again in 2015, I found I had forgotten the details of this story (I think I was confusing it with Lovecraft’s “The Temple” since it has no U-boat seeing underwater ruins.)Annotated Lovecraft

The annotations were somewhat useful – particularly the sourcing of a National Geographic article on islands appearing from nowhere.

I also wasn’t aware that many read the ending of this story – the hand at a window – as an hallucination. I agree with S. T. Joshi that a literal reading is possible.

I also thought it interesting that, in this 1917 story, we have the possibility of a war-weakened human population being pretty to invasion from the deeps. We also have, in the descent into the crater, another example of subterranean horrors (though not, strictly speaking, underground) in Lovecraft’s fiction.


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