The Lovecraft series continues.

Raw Feed (2005): “Polaris”, H. P. Lovecraft, 1918.

This is a prime exhibit in T. E. D. Klein’s argument that Lovecraft was Dunsanian before reading Lord Dunsany.

Written in 1918, it features a lot of the nomenclature (including the Pnakotic Manuscript) from Lovecraft’s Dunsanian tales. It also deals with dreams, specifically the narrator who has gone to a dream world and, while on guard against a yellow horde coming from the polar regions, has fallen asleep and can’t wake up from “this unnatural dream of a house of stone and brick” that is our world; he feels guilty about letting down his friend Alos from the dream world.

As Lovecraft himself would later note, the syntax of Lovecraft in his Dunsanian mode and that of Lord Dunsany himself are both much influenced by the phrases and cadence of the King James Bible.



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