“The Quest for Iranon”

The Lovecraft series continues.

Raw Feed (2005): “The Quest for Iranon”, H. P. Lovecraft, 1921.Dagon and Other Macabre Tales

This is one of the most effectively moody of Lovecraft’s Dunsanian stories. That’s Dunsanian as in Lord Dunsany.

Iranon is a dreaming lad who goes wandering in search of his dream city Aira. He finds, with his companion Romnod, many strange and wonderful places and settles for a time in many.

But Romnod looses his child-like innocenceand ages while Iranon does not.  Romnod dies, and the singer and dreamer Iranon moves on till he eventually returns to his starting point and meets an old man who turns out to have been a childhood playmate.  The latter tells Iranon that Aira never existed except in dreams. Despondent and now old in every way, Iranon walks to his death in quicksand. Another story about the value of childhood wonder realized in dreams.


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