Stealing Other People’s Homework: “The Terror” and the Balm of Consecration

The Terror

Over at Wormwoodiana, Dale Nelson looks at Arthur Machen’s The Terror. When I reviewed it, I thought Machen was dealing with the idea of the Great Chain of Being. Nelson looks at the novel using the related idea of “auto-sacrilege”.

Stealing Other People’s Homework: “The Essex-Born Master of Horror”



Since there will probably be several reviews of William Hope Hodgson works here in the near future, I thought I’d link to the reprint of Peter Berresford Ellis’ 1977 biographical article about Hodgson over at Greydog Tales.

Stealing Other People’s Homework: “The Man Who Invented Tomorrow”

Stealing from the best this time.

James Gunn’s “The Man Who Invented Tomorrow“, an excerpt from his The Science of Science-Fiction Writing, looks at the career of H. G. Wells, how he invented futurology, and the inspiration and influence of his most famous science fiction works.

Stealing Other People’s Homework: “The H. G. Wells Problem”

What’s the H. G. Wells problem?

Well, according to Darrell Schweitzer, it’s Wells’ anti-Semitism.

I must admit I wasn’t aware of that aspect of Wells. His love of eugenics and Joe Stalin, yes.

I could quibble with some of Schweitzer’s piece. I will just say that plenty of people in the early 20th century, including Jews, were fond of eugenics