Stealing Other People’s Homework: The Political Thought of Edgar Allan Poe


A reprint of Robert Merry’s article “The Political Thought of Edgar Allan Poe” looks at the aristocratic Virginian writer.


Stealing Other People’s Homework: The Origin of Poe’s “Hop-Frog”

Hop Frog


Over at Mental Floss, Maria J. Perez Cuervo (a frequent contributor to Fortean Times) gives us “The Gruesome Medieval Masquerade That Inspired Edgar Allan Poe

Stealing Other People’s Homework: “The Man Who Invented Tomorrow”

Stealing from the best this time.

James Gunn’s “The Man Who Invented Tomorrow“, an excerpt from his The Science of Science-Fiction Writing, looks at the career of H. G. Wells, how he invented futurology, and the inspiration and influence of his most famous science fiction works.

Stealing Other People’s Homework: “The H. G. Wells Problem”

What’s the H. G. Wells problem?

Well, according to Darrell Schweitzer, it’s Wells’ anti-Semitism.

I must admit I wasn’t aware of that aspect of Wells. His love of eugenics and Joe Stalin, yes.

I could quibble with some of Schweitzer’s piece. I will just say that plenty of people in the early 20th century, including Jews, were fond of eugenics