Fantastic Fiction Author/Editor Index

Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird stories and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. It also includes related critical and biographical works.

“Low Res Scan” links to you to reviews which may not cover the entire contents of a book.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

“Essay” links are to long review pieces with spoilers.

A title index to fantastic fiction reviews exists.



Abbott, Edwin A. Flatland. (excerpt). Review.

Abe, Kobo. “The Flood”. Raw Feed.

Abnett, David. “Point of No Contact”. Review.

Abraham, Daniel. “The Best Monkey”. Review.

Adams, Benjamin. “Second Movement”. Raw Feed.

Aickman, Robert. “The Coffin House”. Review.

— “Larger Than Oneself”. Raw Feed.

Akers, Tim. “A Soul Stitched in Iron”. Review.

Akinari, Ueda. “The Chrysanthemum Pledge”. Review.

Aldiss, Brian. “Aboard the Beatitu Raw”. Review.

— “All the World’s Tears”. Raw Feed.

— “Appearance of Life”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “An Apollo Asteroid”. Raw Feed.

— “Confluence”. Raw Feed.

— “The Dark Soul of the Night”. Raw Feed.

— “The Difficulties in Photographing Nix Olympica”. Raw Feed.

— “Door Slams in Fourth World”. Raw Feed.

— “The Failed Men”. Raw Feed.

Finches of Mars. Review.

— “The Girl and the Robot with Flowers”. Raw Feed.

— “The Gods in Flight”. Raw Feed.

— “Heresies of the Huge God”. Raw Feed.

— “Infestation”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Man in His Time: Best SF Stories]. Raw Feed.

An Island Called Moreau. Raw Feed.

— “Last Orders”. Raw Feed.

— “Man in His Time”. Raw Feed.

— Man in His Time: Best SF Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Man on Bridge”. Raw Feed.

— “My County ‘Tis Not Only of Thee”. Raw Feed.

Non-Stop. Review.

— “Outside”. Raw Feed.

— “Poor Little Warrior!”. Raw Feed.

— “The Saliva Tree”. Raw Feed.

— “Sober Noises of Morning in a Marginal Land”. Raw Feed.

— “Steppenpferd”. Raw Feed.

— “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long”. Raw Feed.

— “Who Can Replace a Man?”. Raw Feed.

— “Working in the Spaceship Yard”. Review. Raw Feed.

Aldiss, Brian W. and Roger Penrose. White Mars. Review.

Allan, Nina. “The Barricade”. Review.

Allen, Bill D. and Sherri Dean. “Clay Allison and the Haunted Head”. Review.

Allen, Grant. “The Child of the Phalanstery”. Review.

Allen, Quincy. “Family Heirloom”. Review.

Allen, Roger MacBride. “Evolving Conspiracy”. Low Res Scan.

Allen, Shannon. “Before All Else”. Review.

Allen, Shannon and J. R. Campbell. By the Light of Camelot.  (anthology). Review.

Ambuehl, James. Hardboiled Cthulhu: Two-Fisted Tales of Tentacled Terror. (anthology). Review.

— “The Pisces Club”. Review.

Amis, Kingsley. “Mason’s Life”. Review.

Anderson, Colleen. “Asylum”. Review.

— “Sir Tor and the River Maiden”. Review.

Anderson, Kevin J. “Canals in the Sand”. Raw Feed.

Anderson, Kevin J. “Special Makeup”. Raw Feed.

War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Anderson, Poul. Genesis. Review.

— The High Crusade. Raw Feed.

— “In the House of Sorrows”. Raw Feed.

— “The Longest Voyage”. Raw Feed.

— “No Truce with Kings”. Review.

— “Star-flights and Fantasies: Sagas Still to Come”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “The Star Plunderer”. Raw Feed.

— “Statesman”. Review.

— “When Free Men Shall Stand”. Raw Feed.

Andrew, C. J. “Don’t Waste Anything”. Low Res Scan.

Andrew, Jason. “A Dream of a Country Cottage”. Review.

Anderson, K. G. “Escape from the Lincoln County Courthouse”. Review.

Anonymous, trans. Seamus Heaney. Beowulf: A New Verse Translation. Review.

Anthony, Piers. “Getting Through University”. Review.

Antieau, Kim. “The Mark of the Beast”. Raw Feed.

Anvil, Christopher. “The King’s Legions”. Review.

Apostolou, John L. and Martin H. Greenberg. The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Aren, Eric. “A Cure for Boundary Pirates”. Review.

— “Victory!”. Review.

Ardai, Charles and Cynthia Mason. Future Crime: An Anthology of the Shape of Crime to Come. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Armstrong, Kelly. “The Orange Cat”. Review.

Arnold, H. F. “The Night Wire”. Review.

Arnott, Jake. The House of Rumour. Review.

Arnyvelde, Andre. The Ark. Review.

The Ark, translated by Brian Stableford. (omnibus). Review.

The King of Galade. Review.

Aronson, Mark. “The Adventure of the Second Scarf”. Review.

— “President-Elect”. Raw Feed.

Asamatsu Ken. Night Voices, Night Journeys: Lairs of the Hidden Gods, Volume One. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— “The Plague of St. James Infirmary”. Raw Feed.

Ashbless, William. On Pirates. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Slouching Towards Gayalou”. Raw Feed.

— “Those Two Liars”. Raw Feed.

Asher, Neal. “Mason’s Rat: Autotractor”. Review.

— “Mason’s Rats: Black Rat”. Review.

Ashley, Mike. “Fighters of Fear”. (nonfiction). Review.

Asimov, Isaac. “Mirror Image”. Review.

— “The Tercentenary Incident”. Low Res Scan.

Asimov, Isaac, Martin H. Greenberg, and Charles Waugh. The Science Fictional Olympics: The Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction #2. (anthology). Review.

Tin Stars: The Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction #5. (anthology). Review.

Atherton, Gertrude. The White Morning: A Novel of the Power of the German Women in Wartime. Review.

Attanasio, A. A. “Ink From the New Moon”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Atwood, Margaret. “The Eye of Heaven”. Review.

Auverigne, Amanda Lawrence. “After Dinner Mint”. Review.

— After Dinner Mint & Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “Compliment”. Review.

— “A High Level of Achievement”. Review.

— “In the Snow”. Review.

— “The Will”. Review.

Avallone, Michael. “The Man Who Thought He Was Poe”. Review.



Bacigalupi, Paolo. “Pump Six”. Review.

Baily, David and Nathan Ballingrud. “The Crevasse”. Review.

Bailey, Hilary. “The Fall of Frenchy Steiner”. Review.

Bailey, Robin Wayne. “Angel on the Outward Side”. Review.

Baker, Kage. “The Books”. Review.

— “Maelstrom”. Review.

Ballard, J. G. “The Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D”. Raw Feed.

Concrete Island. (associational). Review.

— Crash. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “Cry Hope, Cry Fury!”. Raw FeedRaw Feed.

The Crystal World. Raw Feed.

— “The Drowned Giant”. Review.

— “Prima Belladonna”. Raw Feed.

— “Say Goodbye to the Wind”. Raw Feed.

— “The Screen Game”. Raw Feed.

— “The Singing Statues”. Raw Feed.

— “Studio 5, The Stars”. Raw Feed.

— “The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista”. Raw Feed.

— “Venus Smiles”. Raw Feed.

Vermilion Sands. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Voices of Time”. Review.

Ballingrud, Nathan. “The Atlas of Hell”. Low Res Scan.

Ballingrud, Nathan and David Bailey. “The Crevasse”. Review.

Banks, Raymond E. “Walter Perkins Is Here!”. Review.

Barbet, Pierre. Baphomet’s Meteor. Raw Feed.

Bark, Jasper. “And Light Is His Garment”. Review.

Barlow, R. H. [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “The Night Ocean”. Raw Feed.

— “‘Till A’ the Seas'”. Raw Feed.

Barnes, Scott T. “Insect Sculptor”. Review.

Barnes, Steven and Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. The Legacy of Heorot. Raw Feed.

Barr, Robert. “The Doom of London”. Review.

Barrett, Jr., Neal. “Grubber”. Review.

Barron, Laird. “Catch Hell”. Review.

— “Strappado”. Review.

— “We Smoke the Northern Lights”. Review.

X’s for Eyes. Low Res.

Barton, William. Acts of Conscience. Review.

— “In Saturn Time”. Raw Feed.

A Plague of All Cowards. Review.

When We Were Real. Review.

Barton, William and Michael Capobianco. “The Adventure of the Russian Grave”. Review.

Bass, T. J. The Godwhale. Raw Feed.

— Half Past Human. Raw Feed.

Baugh, Matthew. “Decently and Quietly Dead”. Review.

— “Trail of the Brujo”. Review.

Baxter, Stephen. Anti-Ice. Review.

— “Artifacts”. Review.

— “Columbiad”. Raw Feed.

— “Gossamer”. Raw Feed.

— “Huddle”. Raw Feed.

— The Martian in the Wood. Review.

— The Massacre of Mankind. Review.

— Navigator: Time’s Tapestry Book Three. Review.

— “Remembrance”. Review.

The Time Ships. Raw Feed.

— “The Twelfth Album”. Raw Feed.

Weaver: Time’s Tapestry Book Four. Review.

Bear, Elizabeth and Sarah Monette. “Mongoose”. Review.

Bear, Greg. Anvil of Stars. Raw Feed.

— “Blood Music”. Raw Feed.

— “Dead Run”. Raw Feed.

— The Forge of God. Raw Feed.

— “Hardfought”. Raw Feed.

Heads, Greg Bear. Raw Feed.

— “A Martian Ricorso”. Raw Feed.

Queen of Angels. Raw Feed.

— “Schrodinger’s Plague”. Raw Feed.

— “Sisters”. Raw Feed.

— “Sleepside Story”. Raw Feed.

— “Tangents”. Raw Feed.

Tangents. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Through No Road Whither”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “Webster”. Raw Feed.

Beason, Doug. “Determinism and the Martian War, with Relativistic Corrections”. Raw Feed.

Beck, Peter J. The War of the Worlds: From H. G. Wells to Orson Welles, Jeff Wayne, Steven Spielberg & Beyond. (nonfiction). Review.

Beckett, Chris. “The Marriage of Sky and Sea”. Raw Feed.

— “Valour”. Raw Feed.

Bell, Dana. “The Bells”. Review.

Bell, M. Shayne. “The Thing About Benny”. Raw Feed.

— “To See the World End”. Raw Feed.

Bellet, Annie. “Beneath the Ice and Still”. Review.

— Deep Black Beyond. (collection). Review.

— “The Light of the Earth as Seen from Tartarus”. Review.

— “The Memory of Bone”. Review.

— “No Spaceships Go”. Review.

— “Pele’s Bee-Keeper”. Review.

Benford, Gregory. “Beyond the Fall of Night”. Raw Feed.

— “A Dance to Strange Musics”. Raw Feed.

— “Doing Lennon”. Raw Feed.

— “The Eagle and the Cross”. Review.

— “Exposures”. Raw Feed.

— “In Alien Flesh”. Raw Feed.

— In Alien Flesh. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Manassas, Again”. Raw Feed.

— “Me/Days”. Raw Feed.

— “Nooncoming”. Raw Feed.

— “Of Space/Time and the River”. Raw Feed.

— “Redeemer”. Raw Feed.

— “Relativistic Effects”. Raw Feed.

— “The Rose and the Scalpel”. Review.

— “Snatching the Bot”. Raw Feed.

— “Time Shards”. Raw Feed.

— “Time’s Rub”. Raw Feed.

— “To the Storming Gulf”. Raw Feed.

— “Valhalla”. Review.

— “The Voice”. Review.

— “We Could Do Worse”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “White Creatures”. Raw Feed.

— “A Worm in the Well”. Raw Feed.

— “The Worm Turns”. Review.

— “Zoomers”. Raw Feed.

Benford, Gregory and Arthur C. Clarke. Beyond the Fall of Night. (collection). Raw Feed.

Benford, Gregory and David Brin. “Paris Conquers All”. Raw Feed.

— “Afterword: Retrospective”. Raw Feed.

Benford, Gregory and Martin H. Greenberg. Hitler Victorious. (anthology). Review.

What Might Have Been, Volume 1: Alternate Empires. (anthology). Raw Feed.

What Might Have Been, Volume 2: Alternate Heroes. (anthology). Raw Feed.

What Might Have Been, Volume 3: Alternate Wars. (anthology). Raw Feed.

What Might Have Been, Volume 4: Alternate Americas. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Bennett, Renee. “The Song of the Star”. Review.

Benson, E. F. “The Room in the Tower”. Review.

Benson, Stella. Living Alone. Review.

Beresford, J. D. “A Negligible Experiment”. Review.

Berger, Lou J. “Nikki Dark and the Black Rust”. Review.

Berglund, E. P. “A Dangerous High”. Review.

— “Editor’s Foreword” [The Disciples of Cthulhu]. Raw Feed.

Berkeley, Elizabeth and Lewis Theobald, Jun. “The Crawling Chaos”. Raw Feed.

Berkeley, Elizabeth Neville and Lewis Theobald, Jun. “The Green Meadow”. Raw Feed.

Berliner, Janet. “The True Tale of the Final Battle of Umslopogaas the Zulu”. Raw Feed.

Berthoud, Henry. “A Heavenward Voyage”. Review.

Bertin, Eddy C. “Darkness, My Name Is”. Raw Feed.

Bertrand, Adrien. “The Rain that surpised Candide in his Garden”. Review.

Besant, Walter. “The Memory Cell”. Review.

bes Shahar, eluki. “Read Only Memory”. Review.

Bester, Alfred. “5,271,009”. Raw Feed.

— “Adam and No Eve”. Raw Feed.

— The Computer Connection. Raw Feed.

The Demolished Man. Raw Feed.

The Deceivers. Raw Feed.

— “Disappearing Act”. Raw Feed.

— “Fondly Fahrenheit”. Raw Feed.

— “The Four-Hour Fugue”. Raw Feed.

Golem 100. Raw Feed.

— “Hell Is Forever”. Raw Feed.

— “Hobson’s Choice”. Raw Feed.

— “Isaac Asimov”. Raw Feed.

— “The Men Who Murdered Mohammed”. Raw Feed.

— “Ms. Found in a Champagne Bottle”. Raw Feed.

— “My Affair With Science Fiction”. Raw Feed.

— “Oddy and Id”. Raw Feed.

— “Of Time and Third Avenue”. Raw Feed.

— “The Pi Man”. Raw Feed.

— “The Roller Coaster”. Raw Feed.

— “Somebody Up There Likes Me”. Raw Feed.

Starburst. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Star Light, Star Bright”. Raw Feed.

Starlight: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester. (collection). Raw Feed.

The Stars My Destination. Raw Feed.

— “They Don’t Make Life Like They Used To”. Raw Feed.

— “Time Is the Traitor”. Raw Feed.

— “Travel Diary”. Raw Feed.

Betancourt, John, Byron Preiss, Megan Miller, and David Keller. The Ultimate Werewolf. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Beukes, Lauren. “Chislehurst Messiah”. Review.

Bieger, Dan. “On the Cheap”. Review.

Bierce, Ambrose. “An Adventure at Brownville.” Review.

— “The Annals of the Future Historian”. Review.

— “Ashes of the Beacon”. Review.

— “A Baby Tramp”. Review.

— “A Baffled Ambuscade”. Review.

— “Beyond the Wall”. Review.

— “The Boarded Window”. Review.

— “A Chronicle of the Time to Be”. Review.

— “The Damned Thing”. Review.

— “The Death of Halpin Frayser”. Review.

— “The Decay of the Nose”. Review.

— “A Diagnosis of Death”. Review.

— “The Eyes of the Panther”. Review.

— “The Fall of Christian Civilization.” Review.

The Fall of the Republic and Other Political Satires. (collection). Review.

— “The Famous Gilson Bequest”. Review.

— “For the Ahkoond”. Review. Review.

— “Haita the Shephard”. Review.

— “The Haunted Valley”. Review.

— “A Holy Terror”. Review.

— “Infumiferous Tacitite”. Review.

— “An Inhabitant of Carcosa”. Review. Review.

— “John Bartine’s Watch”. Review.

— “A Jug of Sirrup”. Review.

— “The Land Beyond the Blow”. Review.

— “The Man and the Snake”. Review.

— “The Middle Toe of the Right Foot”. Review. Review.

— “The Moonlit Road”. Review.

— “Moxon’s Master”. Review.

— “The Night-Doings at ‘Deadman’s'”. Review.

— “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”. Review.

— “One of the Missing”. Review.

— “One of Twins”. Review.

— “One Summer Night”. Review.

— “The Other Lodgers”. Review.

— “A Psychological Shipwreck”. Review.

— “The Realm of the Unreal”. Review.

— “A Resumed Identity”. Review.

— “A Scientific Dream”. Review.

— “The Secret of Macarger’s Gulch”. Review.

— “Staley Fleming’s Hallucination”. Review.

— “The Suitable Surroundings”. Review.

— “Three and One Are One”. Review.

— “A Tough Tussle”. Review.

— “Two Military Executions”. Review.

— “A Watcher by the Dead”. Review.

— “The Ways of Ghosts”. Review.

— “Will the Coming Man Sleep?”. Review.

Bilgrey, Marc. “Home World”. Review.

Bishop, Zealia [and H. P. Lovecraft. “The Curse of Yig”. Raw Feed.

— “Medusa’s Coil”. Raw Feed.

— “The Mound”. Raw Feed.

Bisson, Terry. “In the Upper Room”. Raw Feed.

— “Macs”. Raw Feed.

— “An Office Romance”. Review.

Blaylock, James P. “The Devil in the Details”. Review.

Homunculus. Raw Feed.

— “William Ashbless: A Clarification”. Raw Feed.

Blaylock, James P. and Tim Powers. “The Better Boy”. Raw Feed.

— The Devil in the Details. (collection) Review.

— “Fifty Cents”. Review.

— “We Traverse Afar”. Raw Feed.

Bloch, Robert. “Introduction” [The Disciples of Cthulhu]. Raw Feed.

— “The Man Who Collected Poe”. Review.

— “Notebook Found in a Deserted House”. Review.

— “The Shadow from the Steeple”. Review.

— “The Shambler from the Stars”. Review.

— “That Hell-Bound Train”. Review.

— “A Toy for Juliette”. Review.

— “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper”. Review.

Bloch, Robert and Edgar Allan Poe. “The Lighthouse”. Review.

Blum, Liliana V. “Pink Lemonade”. Review.

Bonansinga, Jay R. “Big Bust at Herbert Hoover High”. Raw Feed.

— “Black Celebration”. Raw Feed.

Boop, David. “The (Almost) Entirely Untrue Legend of John Henry”. Review.

— “Bleeding the Bank Dry”. Review.

— “The Edge of the Grave”. Review.

— “The Tale of Uji the Griot”. Review.

— “The Temptation of Darcy Morgan”. Review.

Booth, Roy C. and Axel Kohagen. “Screamin’ Siren”. Low Res Scan.

Bose, Robert. “Atargatis”. Review.

Boucher, Anthony. “A Shape in Time”. Review.

— “Snulbug”. Review

— “They Bite”. Review.

Boulanger, Anthony. “A Day and Night in Providence”. Review.

Bourne, Mark. “The Case of the Detective’s Smile”. Review.

Bova, Ben. “2042: A Cautiously Pessimistic View”. Raw Feed.

— “The Kingdom Come”. Raw Feed.

Bova, Ben and Harlan Ellison. “Brillo”. Review.

Bova, Ben and Frederik Pohl and Jerry Pournelle and Charles Sheffield. Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2014: A Four-Part-Invention. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Bowes, Richard. “The Officer of Doom”. Review.

Boyd, Jacob A. “Lost Pine”. Review.

Bradbury, Ray. “Homecoming”. Review.

— “Mr. Pale”. Review.

Bradshaw, Duncan P. “Mutant Building 101”. Review.

Brawner, Jessica. “Bad Altitude”. Review.

Brennan, Joseph Payne. “The Feaster From Afar”. Raw Feed. Review.

Bretnor, Reginald. The Craft of Science Fiction: A Symposium on Writing Science Fiction and Science Fantasy. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “SF:  The Challenge to the Writer”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “To a Different Drum”. Raw Feed.

Brin, David. “Life in the Extreme”. Raw Feed.

— “Reality Check”. Raw Feed.

— “Thor Meets Captain America”. Review.

Brin, David and Gregory Benford. “Paris Conquers All”. Raw Feed.

— “Afterword: Retrospective”. Raw Feed.

Broadbeard, Raymond. “Total Count: A Story of Enumeration and Numbers”. Review.

Brock, Jason V., William F. Nolan, and Sunni K. Brock. “Afterlife”. Review.

Brock, Sunni K., William F. Nolan, and Jason V. Brock. “Afterlife”. Review.

Broderick, Damien and Robert Silverberg. Beyond the Doors of Death. Review.

Brown, Chris N. and Eduardo Jiménez Mayo. Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Stories of the Fantastic. (anthology) Review.

Brown, Dakota. “The Life”. Review.

Brown, Dani. “Drip”. Review.

Brown, Eric. “Sunworld”. Review.

Brunner, John. “The Science Fiction Novel”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Stand  on Zanzibar. Review.

— “Thinkertoy”. Raw Feed.

— “The Totally Rich”. Review.

Bryant, Edward. “Talkin’ Trailer Trash”. Raw Feed.

Brzeski, Dave and John Linwood Grant. Occult Detective Quarterly Presents. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Buchan, John. “The Watcher by the Threshold”. Review.

Buchanan, Ginjer. “The End of the Summer by the Great Sea”. Raw Feed.

Bucher-Jones, Simon. “Some Thoughts on the Problem of Order”. Review.

Budrys, Algis. “In Clouds of Glory”. Raw Feed.

— “Never Meet Again”. Review.

Rogue Moon. Raw Feed.

Bullington, Jesse. “The Door from Earth”. Review.

Burfield, Jane Petersen. “The Inheritance”. Review.

Burgess, Anthony. “The Muse”. Review.

— The Wanting Seed. Review.

Burks, Arthur J. “The Mind Master”. Review.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Land That Time Forgot. Review.

Out of Time’s Abyss. Review.

The People That Time Forgot. Review.

Burrowes, Jon. “The Elephant-Ass Thing.” Raw Feed.

— “The Uprising”. Raw Feed.

Busby, F. M. “Tundra Moss”. Raw Feed.

Butler, Blake. “The Disappeared”. Review.


Cadigan, Pat. “Dispatches From the Revolution”. Raw Feed.

— “No Prisoners”. Raw Feed.

— “Truth and Bone”. Review.

Caethe, Vivian. “The Company Men”. Review.

— “The Feast of Hungry Ghosts”. Review.

Cain, Kenneth W. “Avenged”. Review.

— “Hired Hand”. Review.

Caine, Rachel. “A Dying of the Light”. Review.

Campbell, J. A. “Brown and the Lost Dutchman Mine”. Review.

— “The Haunted Saloon”. Review.

— “The Martian Menace of 1897”. Review.

— “RCAF (Royal Canine Air Force)”. Review.

— “Red and the Big Bad Wolf: Monster Hunters”. Review.

— “Serpent’s Rest”. Review.

— Steampunk Trails 1. (anthology). Review.

— Steampunk Trails 2. (anthology). Review.

— Story Emporium #1. (anthology). Review.

— Story Emporium #2. (anthology). Review.

— “The Very Successful Mission”. Review.

Campbell, John W. “The Barbarians Within”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “Tribesman, Barbarians and Citizens”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Campbell, J. R. “Ghost Child”. Review.

Campbell, J. R. and Shannon Allen. By the Light of Camelot. (anthology). Review.

Campbell, J. Ramsey. “Cold Print”. Review.

— “Getting It Wrong”. Review.

Campbell, Lynne. “Backbone Isn’t Always Enough”. Review.

Campbell, Ramsey. “The Brood”. Review.

— “The Church in the High Street”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” (Solomon Kane). Raw Feed.

— “Jack’s Little Friend”. Review.

— “The Tugging”. Raw Feed.

Campbell-Hicks, Jennifer. “Snake Oil”. Review.

Capobianco, Michael and William Barton. “The Adventure of the Russian Grave”. Review.

Carani, David. “The Paradise Aperture”. Review.

Card, Orson Scott. “Dogwalker”. Low Res Scan.

Carlson, Jeff. “Caninus”. Review.

— “Damned When You Do”. Review.

— “Enter Sandman”. Review.

— “Gunfight at the Sugarloaf Pet Food & Taxidermy”. Review.

— “Interrupt”. Review.

Interrupt. Review.

— Long Eyes and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “A Lovely Little Christmas Fire”. Review.

— “Meme”. Review.

— “Monsters”. Review.

— “Nurture”. Review.

— “Pattern Masters”. Review.

— Plague War. Review.

Plague Year. Review.

Plague Zone. Review.

— “Planet of the Sealies”. Review.

— “Snack Food”. Review.

Carney, Paul J. “The Warden of Chaco Canyon”. Review.

Caro, Anna. “This Other World”. Review.

Caroll, Siobhan. “Wendigo Nights”. Low Res Scan.

Carr, Jayge. “The War of ’07”. Raw Feed.

Carr, John. Federation. (collection). Review.

Paratime. Raw Feed.

Carr, John F. and Jerry Pournelle. Imperial Stars, Vol. 1: The Stars at War. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Carriger, Gail. Changeless. Review.

Soulless. Review.

Carroll, Lenore. “Eldon’s Penitente”. Raw Feed.

Carter, Lin. “Zoth-Ommog”. Raw Feed.

Casil, Amy Sterling. Imago. Review.

Casper, Susan. “Holmes Ex Machina”. Review.

Castle, Mort. “Teachers”. Raw Feed.

Castle, Jack. White Death. Review.

Castro, Adam-Troy. “The Good, the Bad, and the Danged”. Raw Feed.

Cassutt, Michael. “Mules in Horses’ Harness”. Raw Feed.

Cervantes, Mike. “The Scarlet Derby and the Midnight Jay”. Review.

Chabon, Michael. “In the Black Mill”. Review.

Chalker, Jack L. “Now Falls the Cold, Cold Night”. Raw Feed.

Chambers, James. “The Roaches in the Wall”. Review.

Chambers, Robert W. “The Demoiselle D’Ys”. Review.

 — “In the Court of the Dragon”. Review.

— The King in Yellow. Review.

— “The Mask”. Review.

— “The Repairer of Reputations”. Review.

— “The Yellow Sign”. Review.

Chan, Nick T. “The Command for Love”. Review.

Chandler, Raymond. “The Bronze Door”. Review.

Chant, Daniel Marc. “The Ring of Karnak”. Review.

Chapman, S. F. The Ripple in Space-Time. Review.

Charnas, Suzy McKee. “Lowland Sea”. Review.

Charyn, Jerome. “At War with the Wolf Man”. Raw Feed.

Cherryh, C. J. “Mech”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Sandman, the Tinman, and the Betty B”, Review.

Chesney, Lt. Col. Sir George Tomkyns. The Battle of Dorking. (excerpt). Review.

Chetwynd-Hayes, R. “The Gatecrasher”. Review.

Chiang, Ted. “Seventy-Two Letters”. Raw Feed.

— “Story of Your Life”. Raw Feed.

Chiantaretto, Rick. “Obsession with the Bloodstained Door”. Review.

Childress, David Hatcher. “The Shaver Mystery”. (nonfiction). Review.

Childress, David Hatcher and Richard Shaver. Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth. (anthology, non-fiction). Review.

Childs, Lily. “The Vile Glib of Gideon Wicke”. Review.

Chilson, Rob. “This Side of Independence”. Raw Feed.

Chukwunonso, Ezeiyoke. “The Last Man Standing”. Review.

Churchill, The Right Honourable Winston S. “If Lee Had Not Won the Battle of Gettysburg”. Raw Feed.

Cisco, Michael. “Machines of Concrete and Dark”. Review.

Clavel, Ana. “Three Messages and a Warning in the Same Email”. Review.

Clarke, Arthur C. “Against the Fall of Night”. Raw Feed.

The City and the Stars. Raw Feed.

— “The Sentinel”. Review.

— “The Star”. Review.

— “The Wind from the Sun”. Review.

Clarke, Arthur C. and Gregory Benford. Beyond the Fall of Night. (collection). Raw Feed.

Clarke, David. The Angel of Mons: Phantom Soldiers and Ghostly Guardians. (nonfiction). Review.

Clarke, Finn. “Loose Connections”. Review.

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The Man With the X-Ray Eyes & Other Stories. (collection). Review.

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— “Chop Wood, Carry Water”. Review.

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Questionable Practices. (collection). Review.

— “Phantom Pain”. Review.

— “Speak, Geek”. Review.

— “The Steampunk Quartet”. Review.

— “Thought Experiment”. Review.

— “Up the Fire Road”. Review.

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— “The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree”. Review.

— “Zeppelin City”. Review.

Gunn, Eileen and Rudy Rucker. “Hive Mind Man”. Review.

Gunn, James. “Among the Beautiful Bright Children”. Raw Feed.

— “Arriving at Terminal: Xi’s Story”. Review.

— “Attack on Terminal: The Pilgrims’ Story”. Review.

— “The Big One”. (associational). Review.

— “The Black Marble”. Review.

— “Broken Record”. Review.

— The Burning. Raw Feed.

— “Child of the Sun”. Raw Feed.

Crisis!. Raw Feed.

— “The Day the Magic Came Back”. Raw Feed.

— “The End-of-the-World Ball”. Raw Feed.

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— Gift from the Stars. Essay.

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Human Voices: Science Fiction Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

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— “Jackpot for Julie”. (associational). Review.

— The Joy Machine. (story by Theodore Sturgeon). Low Res Scan.

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The Millennium Blues. Raw Feed.

The Mind Master. Raw Feed.

— Modern Science Fiction: A Critical Analysis. (nonfiction). Review.

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— Transgalactic. Essay.

— “The Voices”. Raw Feed.

— “The Waiting Room: The Pedia’s Story”. Review.

— “Weighty Matters: Tordor’s Story”. Review.

Guran, Paula, editor. After the End: Recent Apocalypses. (anthology) Review.


Haber, Karen. “Simbody to Love”. Review.

Haldeman II, Jack C. “The Cold Warrior”. Low Res Scan.

— “The 1960 Presidential Campaign, Considered as a World Wrestling Federation Steel Cage Match or Short Count in Chicago”. Raw Feed.

Haldeman, Joe. 1968. (associational). Review.

— “Blood Brothers”. Review.

— “Blood Sisters”. Review.

Dealing in Futures. (collection). Review.

Forever Peace. Review.

— “For White Hill”. Raw Feed.

Guardian. Raw Feed.

— “Lindsay and the Red City Cross”. Review.

— “Manifest Destiny”. Review.

— “More Than the Sum of His Parts”. Review.

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— “Seven and the Stars”. Review.

— “A !Tangled Web”. Review.

— “To Howard Hughes: A Modest Proposal”. Raw Feed.

— “You Can Never Go Back”. Review.

Hambling, David. Alien Stars. Review.

— Broken Meats. Review.

— “The Devils in the Deep Blue Sea”. Review.

The Dulwich Horror & Others. (collection). Review.

— “The Dulwich Horror of 1927”. Review.

— The Elder Ice. Review.

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Master of Chaos. Review.

— “The Monsters in the Park”. Review.

— “The Norwood Builder”. Review.

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Hambly, Barbara. “Soldier of the Queen”. Raw Feed.

Hamilton, Edmond. “Castaway”. Review.

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— “Transuranic”. Review.

— “Twilight of the Gods”. Review.

— “The Watcher of the Ages”. Review.

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What’s It Like Out There? and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

Hamilton, Peter F. The Abyss Beyond Dreams. Review.

— “Blessed by an Angel”. Review. Review.

— “Candy Buds”. Raw Feed.

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— “The Demon Trap”. Review.

The Dreaming Void. Review.

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The Evolutionary Void. Review.

Fallen Dragon. Review.

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Great North Road. Review.

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Mindstar Rising. Raw Feed.

Misspent Youth. Review.

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The Neutronium Alchemist. Raw Feed.

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A Night Without Stars. Review.

Pandora’s Star. Raw Feed.

A Quantum Murder. Raw Feed.

The Reality Dysfunction. Raw Feed.

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A Second Chance at Eden. (collection). Raw Feed.

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The Temporal Void. Review.

— “Watching Trees Grow”. Review.

A Window into Time. Review.

Hammond, Warren. “Carnival Night”. Review.

Hand, Elizabeth. Available Dark. Review.

Generation Loss. Review.

— “Near Zennor”. Review.

Hanmura, Ryo. “Cardboard Box”. Raw Feed

— “Tansu”. Raw Feed.

Haraucrout, Edmond. “The Antichrist”. Review.

— “A Christmas Gift”. Review.

— “Doctor Auguérand’s Discovery”. Review.

 — “The End of the World”. Review.

— “The Gorriloid”. Review. Review.

Illusions of Immortality. (collection). Review.

— “Immortality: A conte philosophique”. Review.

— “The Madonna”. Review.

— “The Supreme Conflict”. Review.

— “A Trip to Paris”. Review.

Hardin, Roy. “Fast Draw”. Review.

Hargreaves, H. A. “2020 Vision”. Review.

— “Cainn”. Review.

— “Dead to the World”. Review.

— “‘Fore-Eight-Sixteen”. Review.

— “Infinite Variation”. Review.

— “In His Moccasins”. Review.

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— North by 2000+. (collection). Review.

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Harness, Charles L. “The Alchemist”. Raw Feed.

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Cybele, with Bluebonnets. Review.

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Lunar Justice. Raw Feed.

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Redworld. Review.

The Ring of Ritornel. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Rings. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

The Rose. Raw Feed.

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The Venetian Court, Charles L. Harness. Raw Feed.

Wolfhead. Raw Feed.

Harrison, Harry. “Arm of the Law”. Review.

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Return to Eden. Review.

Stars & Stripes Forever. Review.

A Transatlantic Tunnel, Hurrah!. Review.

West of Eden. Review.

Winter in Eden. Review.

Harry Harrison and Tom Shippey. “A Letter from the Pope”. Raw Feed.

Harrison, M. John. The Pastel City. Review.

— “Settling the World”. Review.

Hartwell, David G. Year’s Best SF. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— Year’s Best SF 2. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— Year’s Best SF 3. (anthology). Review.

Year’s Best SF 4. (anthology). Raw Feed.

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Year’s Best SF 6. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Harvey, W. F. “August Heat”. Review.

Hastings, Milo. City of Endless Night. Review.

Hastings, William. “Some Mysteries Unveiled at Last or What Really Happened”. Raw Feed.

Hausman, Gerald and Roger Zelazny. Wilderness. (associational). Review.

Hawkins, Rich. “The Father”. Review.

Hawthorne, Julian. “My Adventure with Edgar Allan Poe”. Review.

— “June 1993”. Review.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. “The Artist of the Beautiful”. Review.

Heald, Hazel [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “The Horror in the Burying-Ground”. Raw Feed.

— “The Horror in the Museum”. Raw Feed.

— “The Man of Stone”. Raw Feed.

— “Out of the Aeons”. Raw Feed.

— “Winged Death”. Raw Feed.

Heard, H. F. “The Great Fog”. Review.

Hearn, Lafcaido. “In a Cup of Tea”. Review.

Heinlein, Robert A. “Blowups Happen”. Review.

— “By His Bootstraps”. Review.

— “Columbus Was a Dope”. Review.

Double Star. Review.

— “Goldfish Bowl”. Review.

— “Let There Be Light”. Review.

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The Man Who Sold the Moon. (collection). Review.

— “The Menace From Earth”. Review.

The Menace From Earth. (collection). Review.

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The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress. Raw Feed.

Orphans of the Sky. Review.

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Revolt in 2100 & Methuselah’s Children. (collection). Review.

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— “Sky Lift”. Review.

— “Universe”. Raw Feed.

— “Water Is for Washing”. Review.

— “The Year of the Jackpot”. Review.

Helfers, John, Ed Gorman, and Martin H. Greenberg. Star ColoniesReview.

Hellisen, Cat. “The Girls Who Go Below”. Low Res Scan.

Henderson, C. J. “The Questioning of the Azathothian Priest”. Review.

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Herrick, Dan R. “Scourge of the Southwest”. Review.

Higashi, Masao. Kaiki: Uncanny Tales from Japan: Vol. 1: Tales of Old Edo. (anthology). Review.

Higgins, C. A. Lightless. Review.

Highsmith, Patricia. “The Snail-Watcher”. Review.

Hightshoe, Carol. “The Last Defenders”. Review.

Hilger, Ron and Scott Connors. The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 1: The End of the Story. (collection). Low Res Scan.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 2: The Door to Saturn. (collection). Raw Feed.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 4: The Maze of the Enchanter. (collection). Review.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 5: The Last Hieroglyph. (collection). Raw Feed.

— Star Changes: The Science Fiction of Clark Ashton Smith. (collection). Review.

Hillman, Jack. “Bounty Hunter”. Review.

Hirshberg, Glen. “The Pikesville Buffalo”. Review.

Hocking, Ian. Deja Vu. Review.

Hodder, Mark. The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man. Review.

— The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack. Review.

Hodge, Brian. “Roots and All”. Review.

Hodgson, William Hope. The House on the Borderland. Review.

Hodgson, William Hope. Captain Gault. (associational). Review.

— “The Case of the Chinese Curio Dealer”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “The Find”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Gateway of the Monster”. Low Res Scan.

— “The German Spy”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “The Goddess of Death”. Review.

— “The Haunted Jarvee“. Low Res Scan.

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— “The Horse of the Invisible”. Low Res Scan.

— “The House among the Laurels”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Plans of the Reefing Bi-Plane”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “The Searcher of the End House”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Thing Invisible”. Low Res Scan.

— “Trading with the Enemy”. (associational). Low Res Scan.

— “The Voice in the Night”. Review.

— “The Whistling Room”. Low Res Scan.

Hoffman, Ada. “Harmony Amid the Stars”. Review.

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki. “I Was a Teenage Boycrazy Blob”. Raw Feed.

— “Unleashed”. Raw Feed.

Hogan, James P. “Leapfrog”. Raw Feed.

— The Proteus Operation. Review.

Hogan, Liam. “Horse”. Review.

Holder, Nancy. “Annabel Lee”. Review.

Holt, Kay T. Winter Well: Speculative Novellas About Older Women. (anthology). Review.

Hombostel, Don. “Night Bird”. Review.

Hook, Andrew. “Things That Are Here Now, Things That Were There Then”. Review.

Hopkins, R. Thurston and Forbes Phillips. War and the Weird. (collection). Review.

Hopkins, R. Thurston. “The De Gamelyn Tradition”. Review.

— “The Mills of God”. Review.

— “Ombos”. Review.

— “Through the Furnace”. Review.

Hoshi, Shinichi. “Bokko-chan”. Raw Feed.

— “He-y, Come on Ou-t!”. Raw Feed.

Houdini, Harry [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “Under the Pyramids”. Raw Feed.

Hough, Jason M. The Darwin Elevator. Review.

The Exodus Towers. Review.

The Plague Forge. Review.

Howard, John. “The Judiciales”. Review.

— “Mountain Man”. Review.

— “Spook”. Review.

Howard, Robert E. “The Black Stone”. Review.

— “Blades of the Brotherhood”. Raw Feed.

— “The Castle of the Devil”. Raw Feed.

— “The Children of Asshur”. Raw Feed.

— “Death’s Black Riders”. Raw Feed.

— “The Footfalls Within”. Raw Feed.

— “Hawk of Basti”. Raw Feed.

— “The Hills of the Dead”. Raw Feed.

— “The Moon of Skulls”. Raw Feed.

— “Rattle of Bones”. Raw Feed.

— “Red Shadows”. Raw Feed.

— “The Right Hand of Doom”. Raw Feed.

— “Skulls in the Stars”. Raw Feed.

Solomon Kane. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Valley of the Worm”. Review.

— “Wings in the Night”. Raw Feed.

Hubbard, Martha. “The Library Twins and the Nekrobees”. Review.

Hudson, Andrew Leon. “The Foundation”. Review.

Hughes, Edward P. “Finger Trouble”. Raw Feed.

Hughes, Michael M. Blackwater Lights. Review.

Witch Lights. Review.

Hume, M. K. “The Hive of Fair Women”. Review.

Hunter, Stephen. “Jack the Ripper in Hell”. Review.

Hurst, Alex. Growing Concerns. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Hutchinson, Dave. “All the News, All the Time, From Everywhere”. Review.

— “Dali’s Clocks”. Review.

— “The Fortunate Isles”. Review.

— “The Incredible Exploding Man”. Review.

— “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi”. Review.

— Sleeps With Angels. (collection). Review.

— “Sugar Engines”. Review.


Ing, Dean. Butcher Bird. Raw Feed.

— “Evileye”. Raw Feed.

Firefight Y2K. Raw Feed.

— “Fleas”. Raw Feed.

It’s Up to Charlie Hardin. (associational). Review.

— “Liquid Assets”. Raw Feed.

— “Lost in Translation”. Raw Feed.

— “Malf”. Raw Feed.

— “Manaspill”. Raw Feed.

— The Nemesis Mission. Raw Feed.

Pulling Through. Raw Feed.

The Ransom of Black Stealth One. Raw Feed.

— “Silent Thunder”. Raw Feed.

Soft Targets. Raw Feed.

Spooker. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “Vital Signs”. Raw Feed.

Ingrid, Charles. “Burning Bridge”. Review.

Iniguez, Pedro. “Road to the Sun”. Review.

Inoue Masahiko. “Night Voices, Night Journeys”. Raw Feed.

Ishikawa, Takashi. “The Road to the Sea”. Raw Feed.


Jablokov, Alexander. “Above Ancient Seas”. Raw Feed.

— “At the Cross-Time Jaunters’ Ball”. Raw Feed.

— “The Breath of Suspension”. Raw Feed.

— Carve the Sky. Raw Feed.

— “The Death Artist”. Raw Feed.

— “Deathbinder”. Raw Feed.

— “A Deeper Sea”. Raw Feed.

— A Deeper Sea. Raw Feed.

— “Focal Plane”. Raw Feed.

— “How Sere Picked Up Her Laundry”. Review.

— “IPOB Dining Hall Procedures”. Raw Feed.

— “The Lady of Port Moresby Incident“. Raw Feed.

— “Letter to the Editor”. Raw Feed.

— “Living Will”. Raw Feed.

— “Many Mansions”. Raw Feed.

— “Market Report”. Raw Feed.

— Nimbus. Raw Feed.

— “Nomads”. Raw Feed.

— “The Place of No Shadows”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “The Ring of Memory”. Raw Feed.

— River of Dust. Raw Feed.

— “Seating Arrangement”. Raw Feed.

— “WereWhereWear”. Raw Feed.

Jackson, Shirley. “The Daemon Lover”. Review.

Jacobs, W. W. “The Toll-House”. Review.

James, Marissa. “The Second Wife”. Review.

James, Renee. “As Ye Sow”. Review.

Jecks, Michael. “The Deave Lane”. Review.

Jeffries, Richard. After London; Or, Wild England. (excerpt). Review. Review.

Jenkins, Joel. “Blood for the Jaguar”. Review.

— “The Burial Mound”. Review.

— The Coming of Crow. (collection). Review.

— The Condemnation of Crow. (anthology). Review.

— “Death Before Sunrise”. Review.

— “The Five Disciples”. Review.

— “It Fell from the Nighted Sky”. Review.

— “Long Night in Little China”. Review.

— “Old Mother Hennessy”. Review.

— “Personal Devil”. Review.

Jennings, Phillip C. Tower to the Sky. Review.

Jens, Tina L. “Kali Yuga Comes”. Raw Feed.

Jerome, Jerome K. “The Dancing Partner”. Review.

Jeschke, Wolfgang. The Cusanus Game. Review.

Jessup, Paul. “Postflesh”. Review.

Jeter, K. W. Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human. Raw Feed.

— Blade Runner: Replicant Night. Raw Feed.

— Noir. Raw Feed.

Johnson, Bill. Dakota Dreamin’. (collection). Review.

— “Evelyn’s Children”. Review.

— “Every Choice Has a Price”. Review.

— “A Matter of Thirst”. Review.

— “Meet Me at Apogee”. Review.

— “Motivational Engineers”. Review.

— “One Quiet Night”. Review.

— “Respect”. Review.

— “Send Random Romantic”. Review.

— “Stormfall”. Review.

— “Streetwise”. Review.

— “We Will Drink a Fish Together”. Review.

Johnson, George Clayton and William F. Nolan. Logan’s Run. Low Res Scan.

Johnson, Kij. “26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss”. Review.

— “At the Mouth of the River of Bees”. Review.

— At the Mouth of the River of Bees. (collection). Review.

— “The Bitey Cat”. Review.

— “The Cat Who Walked a Thousand Miles”. Review.

— “Chenting, in the Land of the Dead”. Review.

— “Dia Chjerman’s Tale”. Review.

— “Empress Jingu Fishes”. Review.

— “The Evolution of Trickster Stories Among the Dogs of North Park”. Review.

— “Fox Magic”. Review.

— “The Horse Raiders”. Review.

— “The Man Who Bridged the Mists”. Review.

— “My Wife Reincarnated as a Solitaire — Exposition on the Flows in My Spouse’s Character — The Nature of the Bird — the Possible Causes — Her Final Disposition”. Review.

— “Names for Water”. Review.

— “Ponies”. Review.

— “Schrodinger’s Cathouse”. Review.

— “Spar”. Review.

— “Story Kit”. Review.

— “Wolf Trapping”. Review.

Johnston III, John E. “Comrade Bill”. Low Res Scan.

Jonas, Gary. “The Blood on Satan’s H. P. Lovecraftarley”. Raw Feed.

Jones, Gwyneth. “Red Sonja and Lessingham in Dreamland”. Raw Feed.

— “Saving Timaat”. Review.

Jones, Stephen. A Book of Horrors. (anthology). Review.

Shadows Over Innsmouth. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Jones, William. “A Change of Life”. Review.

Joshi, S. T.. H. P. Lovecraft. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— H. P. Lovecraft: A Life. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— H. P. Lovecraft: The Decline of the West. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.


Kagan, Janet. “Love Our Lockwood”. Raw Feed.

Kamino Okina. “27 May 1945”. Raw Feed.

Kaminsk, Stuart. “Full Moon Over Moscow”. Raw Feed.

Katze, Rick. “Bobbygate”. Raw Feed.

Kawalec, Julian. “I Kill Myself”. Raw Feed.

Kelleher, Pat. The AlleymanLow Res Scan.

— The Black Hand Gang. Low Res Scan.

— The Ironclad Prophecy. Low Res Scan.

Keller, David, Byron Preiss, Megan Miller, and John Betancourt. The Ultimate Werewolf. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Kelly, James Patrick. “Breakaway, Backdown”. Raw Feed.

— “Dividing the Sustain”. Review.

— “Itsy Bitsy Spider”. Review.

— “Think Like a Dinosaur”. Raw Feed.

Kelly, Michael and Carol Weekes. “The Ravens of Consequence”. Review.

Kelly, Michael and Kathe Koja. Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 2. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Kenyon, Kay. “The Space Crawl Blues”. Review.

Kepfield, Sam. “Ghost Dancers”. Review.

— “Hell Home on the Range”. Review.

— “They Zapped with Their Boots On”. Review.

Kepfield, Sam S. “Moon of the Iron Eagle”. Review.

Kido, Okamoto. “Here Lies a Flute”. Review.

Kiernan, Caitlín. “Bus Fare”. Low Res Scan.

— “Charcloth, Firesteel and Flint”. Review.

Dear Sweet Filthy World. (collection). Review.

— “Houses Under the Sea”. Review.

— “A Redress for Andromeda”. Review.

Threshold. Review.

Killmer, C. J. “The Empty Holster”. Review.

— “Feeding Pluto”. Review.

— “Forewarned Is”. Review.

— “Underhanded”. Review.

Kilpatrick, Nancy and Caro Soles. nEvermore!: Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre. (anthology). Review.

Kimmel, Leigh. “The Damnable Asteroid”. Review.

King, Tappan. “Patriot’s Dream”. Raw Feed.

King, Stephen. “The Little God of Agony”. Review.

Kipling, Rudyard. “As Easy As A. B. C.”. Review.

Kita, Morio. “The Empty Field”. Raw Feed.

Kneale, Nigel. “The Pond”. Review.

Knight, Damon. “Life Edit”. Raw Feed.

Knight, Sam. “A Better Place to Die”. Review.

— “From Out of the Storm”. Review.

— “Going to Hell on the Noon Train”. Review.

— “A Pirate Fog”. Review.

— Uncle Benjamin’s Triple ‘T’ Tonic”. Review.

— “Working the Salt Mine”. Review.

Knight, Sam and Rhye Manhatten. “Moshito Masquine”. Review.

Kohagen, Axel and Roy C. Booth. “Screamin’ Siren”. Low Res Scan.

Koja, Kathe. “Angels in Love”. Essay.

— “Angels’ Moon”. Raw Feed.

— “Arrangement for Invisible Voices”. Essay.

Bad Brains. Essay.

— “Ballad of the Spanish Civil Guard”. (associational). Essay.

— “Bondage”. Essay.

The Cipher. Essay.

— “The Company of Storms”. Essay.

— “The Disquieting Muse”. Essay.

— “The Energies of Love”. Essay.

Extremities. (collection). Essay.

— “Illusions in Relief”. Essay.

— “I Shall Do Thee Mischief in the Woods”. Essay.

— “Jubilee”. Essay.

Kink. (associational). Essay.

— “Lady Lazarus”. (associational). Essay.

— “The Neglected Garden”. Essay.

— “Pas de Deux”. Essay.

— “Queen of Angels”. Essay.

— “The Reckoning”. Essay.

— “Remnants”. (associational). Essay.

— Skin. (associational). Essay. Essay.

— “Skin Deep”. Essay.

— “Teratisms”. Essay.

— “Waking the Prince”. Essay.

Koja, Kathe and Barry Malzberg. “Literary Lives”. Essay.

— “Rex Tremandae Majestatis”. Essay.

— “Ursus Triad, Later”. Essay.

— “What We Did That Summer”. Essay.

Koja, Kathe and Carter Scholz. “KIT: Some Assembly Required”. Essay.

Koja, Kathe and Michael Kelly. Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 2. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Komatsu, Sakyo. “The Savage Mouth”. Raw Feed.

— “Take Your Chance”. Raw Feed.

Kono, Tensei. “Triceratops”. Raw Feed.

Kornbluth, C. M. “The Advent on Channel 12”. Raw Feed.

— “The Adventurer”. Raw Feed.

— “The Altar at Midnight”. Raw Feed.

— The Best of C. M. Kornbluth. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Dominoes”. Raw Feed.

— “Friend to Man”. Raw Feed.

— “Gomez”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last Man Left in the Bar”. Raw Feed.

— “The Little Black Bag”. Raw Feed.

— “The Luckiest Man in Denv”. Raw Feed.

— “The Marching Morons”. Raw Feed.

— “The Mindworm”. Raw Feed.

– – “The Only Thing We Learn”. Raw Feed.

— “The Remorseful”. Raw Feed.

— “The Rocket of 1955”. Raw Feed.

— “Shark Ship”. Raw Feed.

— “The Silly Season”. Raw Feed.

— “That Share of Glory”. Raw Feed.

— “Two Dooms”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “With These Hands”. Raw Feed.

— “The Words of Guru”. Review. Raw Feed.

Kosmatka, Ted. Prophet of Bones. Review.

Kotani, Eric. “Edgeworld”. Review.

Kotaro, Tanaka. “The Face in the Hearth”. Review.

Kowal, Mary Robinette. “Evil Robot Monkey”. Review.

Kratman, Tom. Caliphate. Essay.

Kress, Nancy. “Always True to Thee, in My Fashion”. Review.

— “And Wild for to Hold”. Raw Feed.

— “Art of War”. Review.

— “Eoghan”. Raw Feed.

— “Evolution”. Raw Feed.

— “State of Nature”. Raw Feed.

— “To Cuddle Amy”. Raw Feed.

Kube-McDowell, Michael P. “Because Thou Lovest the Burning Ground”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Inga-Binga Affair”. Raw Feed.

— “I Shall Have a Flight to Glory”. Raw Feed.

Kuhl, Jackson. “Realgar”. Review.

— “Red River”. Review.

Kurtz, Nicole Given. “Justice”. Review.

Kuttner, Henry. “A Gnome There Was”. Review.

— “The Salem Horror”. Review.

Kuttner, Henry and C. L. Moore. Earth’s Last Citadel. Raw Feed

Kyle, Rebecca McFarland. “The Full Metal Whatsit”. Review.

— “Make It Work”. Review.




Lackey, Mercedes. “Jihad”. Low Res Scan.

Laidlaw, Marc. “His Powder’d Wig, His Crown of Thorns”. Raw Feed.

— “Leng”. Review.

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The Best of Fritz Leiber. (collection). Review.

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The Big Time. Review.

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Changewar. (collection). Review.

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— “The Creature From Cleveland Depths”. Review.

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— “The Haunted Future” aka “Tranquility, Or Else!”. Review.

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— “The Mer She”. Review.

— “Midnight by the Morphy Watch”. Review.

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The Mind Spider and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

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The Wanderer. Review.

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— “You’re All Alone”. Review.

You’re All Alone. Review.

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Leinster, Murray. “The Ethical Equations”. Raw Feed.

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— “Charlie the Purple Giraffe Was Acting Strangely”. Review.

— “Circle of Compassion”. Review.

— “The Ecology of Faerie”. Review.

— “Falling Off the Unicorn”. Review.

— “Fear of Widths”. Review.

— “I Hold My Father’s Paw”. Review.

— “Love in the Balance”. Review.

— “Nucleon”. Review.

— “Rewind”. Review.

— Space Magic. (collection). Review.

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— “I Have a Special Plan for This World”. Review.

— “In a Foreign Town, In a Foreign Land”. Review.

— “My Case for Retributive Action”. Review.

— “My Work Is Not Yet Done”, Thomas Ligotti. Review.

My Work Is Not Yet Done. (collection). Review.

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Teatro Grottesco. (collection). Review.

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— “”. Review.

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— “God of the Naked Unicorn”. Raw Feed.

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The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War. (collection). Review.

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— “The Monstrance”. Review.

— “The Soldiers’ Rest”. Review.

The Terror. Review.

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— “Kiss Me”. Review.

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— “Ursus Triad, Later”. Essay.

— “What We Did That Summer”. Essay.

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— “Dogs, Masques, Love, Death: Flowers”. Review.

— “Heavy Metal”. Raw Feed.

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— “Inky, Blinky, Pinky Nyarlathotep. Review.

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The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction, Volume 3. (anthology). Review.

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Marshall, Helen. “Skin”. Review.

Martin, George R. R. “Bitterblooms”. Raw Feed.

— “Fast-Friend”. Raw Feed.

— “In the House of the Worm”. Raw Feed.

— “Run to Starlight”. Review.

— “Sandkings”. Raw Feed.

Sandkings. (collection). Raw Feed.

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— “The Stone City”. Raw Feed.

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— Shadow on the Sun. Raw Feed.

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— “Southpaw”. Raw Feed.

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— “Winning Peace”. Review.

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McCarthy, Wil. Bloom. Review.

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McConchie, Lyn. “Before All This Modern Stuff”. Review.

— “A Day Out Shopping”. Review.

— “For Love of Maxie”. Review.

— “Lone Star Jackson — Outlaw”. Review.

— “On the Road to Bodie”. Review.

— “Polly and Johnny”. Review.

— “The Steam Powered Camera”. Review.

— “Such a Cute Puppy”. Review.

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— “The Tomb”. Raw Feed.

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McDonald, Ian. Cyberabad Days. (collection). Review.

— “The Djinn’s Wife”. Review.

— “The Dust Assassin”. Review.

— “An Eligible Boy”. Review.

Evolution’s Shore. Raw Feed.

— “Kyle Meets the River”. Review.

— “The Little Goddess”. Review.

Out on Blue Six. Review.

River of Gods. Review.

— “Sanjeev and the Robotwallah”. Review.

Terminal Cafe. Raw Feed.

— “Verthandi’s Ring”. Review.

— “Vishnu at the Cat Circus”. Review.

McDougall, Sophia. “Bells Ringing Under the Sea”. Review.

McGrath, Patrick. “Blood Disease”. Review.

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— “Tut’s Wife”. Low Res Scan.

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— “A Spark in the Darkness”. Low Res Scan.

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Meikle, William. Amoeboid”. Review.

The Amulet. Low Res Scan.

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— “The Brotherhood of the Thorn”. Review.

— “The Chamber of Tiamat”. Review.

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— The Coming of the King. Review.

— The Concordances of the Red Serpent. Review.

— Culloden!. Review.

— “The Curious Affair on the Embankment”. Review.

— “Dancers”. Review.

— “The Dark Island”. Review.

— Dark Melodies. (collection). Review.

— Deal or No Deal?Review.

— “The Death of Sergeant George”. Review.

— “The Doom That Came to Dunfeld”. Review.

— “#Dreaming”. Review.

— Eldren — The Book of the Dark. Review.

— The Exiled. Review.

— “Farside”. Review.

— “Farside”. Review.

— “The Fourth Protocol”. Low Res Scan.

— “From Between”. Review.

— The Ghost Club: Newly Found Tales of Victorian Terror. (collection). Review.

— “Green Grow the Rashes”. Review.

— Green Grow the Rashes and Other Stories.  (collection). Review.

— “The Haunting of Esther Cox”. Review.

— “The Havenhome“. Review.

— “The High Bungalow”. Review.

— “Home From the Sea”. Review.

— Home From the Sea. (collection). Review.

— “Home Is the Sailor”. Review.

— The House on the Moor. Review.

— “The Immortal Memory”. Review.

— Infestation. Review.

— “Inquisitor”. Review.

— “In the House of the Dead”. Review.

— “In the Spring”. Review.

— “The Inuit Bone”. Review.

— “The Invisible Menace”. Review.

— Island Life. Review.

— “The Island of Doctor Munroe”. Review.

— The Job. Review.

— “The Just One”. Review.

— “The Larkhill Barrow”. Review.

— “Living the Dream”. Review.

— The Midnight Eye Files. (omnibus). Low Res Scan.

— “The Mill Dance”. Review.

— “The Mouth”. Review.

— “Once a Jackass”. Review.

— “One, Two, Go!”. Low Res Scan.

— Operation: Amazon. Review.

— Operation Antarctica. Review.

Operation: Loch Ness. Review.

— Operation: Siberia. Review.

Operation Syria. Review.

— “Out of the Black”. Review.

— Pentacle. Review.

— “The Persistence of Memory”. Review.

— Ramskull. Review.

— “Renewal”. Review.

— “Rhythm and Booze”. Review.

— “Rickman’s Plasma”. Review.

— “Ripples in the Ether”. Review.

— The Road Hole Bunker Mystery. (associational). Review.

— “The Root of All Things”. Review.

— “Samurai”. Review.

— Samurai and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “The Scotsman’s Fiddle”. Review.

— “The Scrimshaw Set”. Review.

— “Serpent”. Review.

— Sherlock Holmes: The Dreaming Man. Review.

— “The Shoogling Jenny”. Review.

Sigils and Totems. (omnibus). Review.

The Sirens. Low Res Scan.

The Skin Game. Low Res Scan.

— “A Slim Chance”. Low Res Scan. Review.

— Songs of Dreaming Gods. Review.

— “The Sweller in the Dress Hold”. Review.

— “SymbiOS”. Review.

— “The Tenants of Ladywell Manor”. Review.

— “The Terror That Came to Dounreay”. Review.

— “Too Many”. Review.

— Tormentor. Review.

— “To the Manor Born”. Review.

— “To the Moon and Beyond”. Review.

— “The Toughest Mile”. Review.

— “Turn Again”. Review.

— “The Unfinished Basement”. Review.

— “The Weathered Stone”. Review.

— “Wee Davie Makes a Friend”. Review.

— “When the Kobolds Dance”. Review.

— “The Young Lochinvar”. Review.

— “The Yule Log”. Review.

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— “The Man in the Bottle”. Review.

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— “A Family Skeleton”. Raw Feed.

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— “A New Palingenesis”. Raw Feed.

— “Plucked From the Burning”. Raw Feed.

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— “The Silent Witness”. Raw Feed.

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A Gathering of Stars: Book Two of the Mechanical Sky. Raw Feed.

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— The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century. Raw Feed.

The Affair of the Seven Virgins”. Raw Feed.

— The Alchemist’s Question. Raw Feed.

— An Alien Heat. Raw Feed.

— “The Black Blade’s Summoning”. Raw Feed.

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Blood: A Southern Fantasy. Raw Feed.

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— The Bull and the Spear. Raw Feed.

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A Catalogue of Memories: The Family Library Vol. XVII. No. VII”. Raw Feed.

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— “Crimson Eyes”. Raw Feed.

— A Cure for Cancer. Raw Feed.

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The Eternal Champion. Raw Feed.

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— The Fortress of the Pearl. Raw Feed.

— The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: In the Adventure of the Texan’s Honour by John M. Watson, M.D.”. (associational). Raw Feed.

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— The Girl Who Killed Sylvia Blade”. Raw Feed.

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— “Introduction” [Corum: The Prince with the Silver Hand]. Raw Feed.

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— “Introduction” [Elric: Song of the Black Sword]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Elric: The Stealer of Souls]. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Eternal Champion]. Raw Feed.

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— “Introduction” [Tales from the Texas Woods]. Raw Feed.

— The Jewel in the Skull. Raw Feed.

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— “Kings in Darkness”. Review. Raw Feed.

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The Land Leviathan. Raw Feed.

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A Nomad of the Time Streams. (omnibus). Raw Feed.

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— Sir Milk-and-Blood: An Incident in the Life of the Eternal Champion”. Raw Feed.

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— Some Fragments Found in the Effects of Mr. Sam Oakenhurst”. Raw Feed.

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The Steel Tsar. Raw Feed.

— Stormbringer. Raw Feed.

— The Sundered Worlds. Raw Feed.

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— Sword of Ivory: An Introduction to Fritz Leiber’s Gray Mouser Stories”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

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— The War Amongst the Angels. Raw Feed.

The Warlord of the Air. Raw Feed.

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— The Winds of Limbo. Raw Feed.

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Moore, C. L. “Black God’s Kiss”. Review.

— “Vintage Season”. Raw Feed.

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Moore, Ward. Bring the Jubilee. Raw Feed.

— “Lot”. Raw Feed.

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Moran, Jodi and Daniel Keys Moran. “Roughing It During the Martian Invasion”. Raw Feed.

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Morden, Simon. At the Speed of Light. Review.

Morden, Simon. “Never, Never, Three Times Never”. Review.

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Morrow, James. “Abe Lincoln in McDonald’s”. Raw Feed.

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Morton, Lisa. “Finding Ulalume”. Review.

Mosiman, Billie Sue. “The Smile of a Mime”. Raw Feed.

Moskowitz, Sam. Explorers of the Infinite: Shapers of Science Fiction. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

The Man Who Called Himself Poe. (anthology). Review.

Science Fiction in Old San Francisco: History of the Movement from 1854 to 1890. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Science Fiction in Old San Francisco: Into the Sun & Other Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

Moudy, Walter F. “The Survivor”. Review.

Mouton, Eugene. “The End of the World”. Review.

Muno, Jean, trans. Edward Gauvin. “The Ghoul”. Low Res Scan.

Murata Motoi. “Sacrifice”. Raw Feed.

Muriel, M. O. “The Siren”. Review.

Murphy, Luke. “Redpath”. Low Res Scan.

Murphy, Pat. “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”. Review.

— “South of Oregon City”. Raw Feed.

Murray, Will. “The Arcade”. Review.

— “The Sothis Radiant”. Raw Feed.


Nagata, Linda. The Bohr Maker. Review.

Deception Well. Review.

— Skye Object 3270a. Review.

Tech-Heaven. Review.

Vast. Review.

Nahte, Ethan. “Pete’s Peat”. Low Res Scan.

Najib, Rami. The 5th Division, Jason’s Story. Review.

Nardone, Chris. “Guns of Prey”. Review.

Natsuhiko, Kyogoku. “Three Old Tales of Terror”. Review.

Nelson Resa and Sarah Smith. “Fennario”. Raw Feed.

Nevill, Adam. “The Age of Entitlement”. Review.

Nevill, Adam LG. “Call the Name”. Review.

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— “Illimitable Domain”. Review.

— “A Quarter to Three”. Raw Feed.

Nicoll, Gregory. “Underground Atlanta”. Raw Feed.

Nimersheim, Jack. “A Fireside Chat”. Raw Feed.

— “Moriarty by Modem”. Review.

— “The Pangaean Principle”. Low Res Scan.

Niven, Larry. “At the Bottom of a Hole”. Review.

— “At the Core”. Review.

— “Becalmed in Hell”. Review.

— “The Borderland of Sol”. Review.

— “Cloak of Anarchy”. Review. Review.

— “The Coldest Place”. Review.

Crashlander. Review.

— “The Ethics of Madness. Review.

— “Eye of an Octopus”. Review.

— “Flatlander”. Review.

— “Ghost”. Review.

— “Grendel”. Review.

— “The Handicapped”. Review.

— “How the Heroes Die”. Review.

— “Intent to Deceive”. Review.

— “The Jigsaw Man”. Review.

Neutron Star. (collection). Review.

— “Neutron Star”. Review.

— “Procrustes”. Review.

— “A Relic of the Empire”. Review.

— “The Return of William Proxmire”. Raw Feed.

— “The Soft Weapon”. Review.

Tales of Known Space: The Universe of Larry Niven. (collection). Review.

— “There Is a Tide”. Review.

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— “Wait It Out”. Review.

— “The Warriors”. Review.

— “The Words in Science Fiction”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

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The Gripping Hand. Raw Feed.

The Mote in God’s Eye. Raw Feed.

Oath of Fealty. Raw Feed.

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Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes. The Legacy of Heorot. Raw Feed.

Nolan, William F. Logan’s Search. Low Res Scan.

— Logan’s World. Low Res Scan.

— “Tip to Toe, Toe to Tip, Pip-Pop As You Go”. Review.

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Norman, Charles. “Manuscript Found in a Drawer”. Review.

Norman, Lisanne. “Passage to Shola”. Review.

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Nye, Judy Lynn. “The Father of His Country”. Raw Feed.


Oates, Joyce Carol. “Commencement”. Review.

O’Brien, Fitz-James. “What Was It?”. Review.

Okorafor, Nnedi. “Tumaki”. Review.

Oliver, Reggie. “A Child’s Problem”. Review.

— “Countess Otho”. Review.

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Palmer, Dexter. The Dream of Perpetual Motion. Review.

Palmquist, Grant. “Aphelion”. Review.

— Azure. Review.

— “Burn Victims”. Review.

— “Cemeteries of the Heart”. Review.

Cemeteries of the Heart and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “Flaming Butterfly”. Review.

— “Lullaby”. Review.

— “Parting Sorrows”. Review.

— “Stanley”. Review.

— “Taenia Solium”. Review.

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— “Screams in the Night”. Review.

Park, Paul. “Ragnarok”. Review.

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Partridge, Norman and Martin H. Greenberg. It Came from the Drive-In. (anthology). Raw Feed.

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Paxson, Diana L. “Shadow of the Wolf”. Review.

Payne, Rebecca J. “A Change in the Weather”. Review.

Pearson, Rudolph. “Covenant of Darkness”. Review.

Pelland, Jennifer. “Minya’s Astral Angels”. Review.

Pellegrino, Charles. Dust. Raw Feed.

Penzler, Otto. The Big Book of Jack the Ripper. (anthology). Review.

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Person, Lawrence. “Huddled Masses”. Raw Feed.

Petaja, Emil. Lord of the Green Planet. Review.

Pennington, Nathan. Bacterium. Review.

Penrose, Roger and Brian W. Aldiss. White Mars. Review.

Perez, Dan. “Die, Baby, Die, Die, Die!”. Raw Feed.

Peters. R. A. For Us the Living: Judgment Day. Review.

Peters, R. A. Operation Enduring Unity Trilogy. Review.

— Power Games: Operation Enduring Unity I. Review.

Shock & Awe: Operation Enduring Unity II. Review.

The Surge: Operation Enduring Unity 3. Review.

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Phillips, Forbes and R. Thurston Hopkins. War and the Weird. (collection). Review.

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Phillips, Peter. “Dreams Are Sacred”. Review.

Piccirilli, Tom. “I Am a Graveyard Hated by the Moon”. Review.

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Pierce, John J. The Best of Murray Leinster. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Dean of Science Fiction”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Pinsker, Sarah. “A Stretch of Highway Two Lanes Wide”. Low Res Scan.

Piper, H. Beam. Federation, ed. John Carr. (collection). Review.

— “Graveyard of Dreams”. Review.

— “He Walked Around the Horses”. Raw Feed.

— “Last Enemy”. Raw Feed.

Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen. Raw Feed.

— “Naudsconce”. Review.

— “Omnilingual”. Review.

— “Oomphel in the Sky”. Review.

Paratime, ed. John Carr. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Police Operation”. Raw Feed.

— “Temple Trouble”. Raw Feed.

— “Time Crime”. Raw Feed.

— “When in the Course – “. Review.

Platt, Charles. The Silicon Man. Raw Feed.

Poe, Edgar Allan. “The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion”. Review.

— “A Descent into the Maelstrom”. Review.

— “Eleonora”. Review.

— “The Masque of the Red Death”. Review.

— “The Murders in the Rue Morgue”. Review.

— “The Tell-Tale Heart”. Review.

Poe, Edgar Allan and Robert Bloch. “The Lighthouse”. Review.

Pohl, Frederik. The Best of C. M. Kornbluth. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— “The Census Takers”. Review.

— “Children of the Night”. Review.

— “Day Million”. Review.

— “The Day the Icicle Works Closed”. Review.

— “The Day the Martians Came”. Review.

— “Father to the Stars”. Review.

— “Grandy Devil”. Review.

— “The Hated”. Review.

— “A Home for the Old Ones”. Review.

— “The Martian in the Attic”. Review.

— “The Midas Plague”. Review.

— “Punch”. Review.

— “The Science Fiction Professional”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “The Snowmen”. Review.

— “Speed Trap”. Review.

— “Three Portraits and a Prayer”. Review.

— “The Tunnel Under the World”. Review.

— “A Visit to Belindia”, Raw Feed.

— “Waiting for the Olympians”. Raw Feed.

— “We Never Mention Aunt Nora”. Review.

— “What Dreams Remain”. Raw Feed.

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Pond, Simone. The City Center. Review.

Popkes, Steven. “The Egg”. Raw Feed.

— “Not for Broadcast”. Raw Feed.

— “The Parade”. Raw Feed.

— Slow Lightning. Raw Feed.

— “So You Want to Meet the Bishop?”. Raw Feed.

— “The Test”. Raw Feed.

Popkes, Steven and David Alexander Smith. “Playing Chess with the Bishop”. Raw Feed.

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— “The Stars at War”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry. “Consort”. Raw Feed.

— “The Construction of Believable Societies”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “Democracy in America in the Year 2042”. Raw Feed.

— “Enforcer”. Raw Feed.

— Exiles to Glory. Raw Feed.

— “Extreme Prejudice”. Raw Feed.

— “High Justice”. Raw Feed.

— High Justice. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Introduction: Empire”. Raw Feed.

— King David’s Spaceship. Raw Feed.

— “A Matter of Sovereignty”. Raw Feed.

The Mercenary. Raw Feed.

— “Power to the People”. Raw Feed.

Prince of Mercenaries. Raw Feed.

— “Tinker”. Raw Feed.

— “The Voodoo Sciences”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

West of Honor. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Ben Bova and Frederik Pohl and Charles Sheffield. Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042: A Four-Part Invention. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Charles Sheffield. “Higher Education”. Raw Feed.

— Higher Education. Raw Feed.

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The Gripping Hand. Raw Feed.

The Mote in God’s Eye. Raw Feed.

Oath of Fealty. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Larry Niven and Michael Flynn. Fallen Angels. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and Larry Niven and Steven Barnes. The Legacy of Heorot. Raw Feed.

Pournelle, Jerry and S. M. Stirling. Go Tell the Spartans. Raw Feed.

Prince of Sparta. Raw Feed.

Powers, Tim. The Anubis Gates. Raw Feed.

— The Bible Repairman. Review.

Declare. Raw Feed.

Dinner at Deviant’s Palace. Raw Feed.

The Drawing of the Dark. Raw Feed.

Earthquake Weather. Raw Feed.

Expiration Date. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction”. Raw Feed.

— “Itinerary”. Raw Feed.

Last Call. Raw Feed.

— “Night Moves”. Raw Feed.

Night Moves and Other Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

On Stranger Tides. Raw Feed.

The Stress of Her Regard. Raw Feed.

— “Through and Through”. Review.

— “The Way Down the Hill”. Raw Feed.

Powers, Tim and James P. Blaylock. “The Better Boy”. Raw Feed.

— The Devils in the Details. (collection). Review.

— “Fifty Cents”. Review.

— “We Traverse Afar”. Raw Feed.

Powers, Timothy. Epitaph in Rust. Raw Feed.

Powers, Timothy. The Skies Discrowned. Raw Feed.

Poyer, D. C. Stepfather Bank. Raw Feed.

Preiss, Byron, David Keller, Megan Miller, and John Betancourt. The Ultimate Werewolf. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Preston Jr., Richard Ellis. Romulus Buckle & The City of the Founders. Review.

Romulus Buckle & The Engines of War. Review.

Preuss, Paul. Human Error. Raw Feed.

Price, E. Hoffmann and H. P. Lovecraft. “Through the Gates of the Silver Key”. Raw Feed.

Price, Robert M. “The Prying Investigations of Edwin M. Lillibridge”. Review.

Priest, Christopher. “An Infinite Summer”. Review.

Prill, David. “The Heaven and Hell of Robert Flud”. Review.

Pronzini, Bill. “Ancient Evil”. Raw Feed.

Pronzini, Bill and Barry N. Malzberg. “Prose Bowl”. Review.

Prospero, Peter. “The Atlantis”. Review.

Pugmire, W. H. “To Kiss Your Canvas”. Review.

Purdom, Tom. “Bank Run”. Raw Feed.

— “Bogdavi’s Dream”. Review.

— “Bonding with Morry”. Review.

— “Canary Land”. Review. Review.

— “Dragon Drill”. Review.

Five Against Arlane. Review.

— “Fossil Games”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “Grieve for a Man”. Review.

— “Haggle Chips”. Review.

— “Legacies”. Review.

— Lovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons. Review.

— “The Mists of Time”. Review.

— “The Noise of Their Joye”. Raw Feed.

— “The Path of the Transgressor”. Review.

— “Research Project”. Review.

— “A Response from EST17”. Review.

— “Romance for an Augmented Trio”. Review.

— “Romance in Extended Time”. Review.

— “Romance in Lunar G”. Review.

Romance on Four Worlds: A Casanova Quartet. (collection). Review.

— “Romance with Phobic Variations”. Review.

— “Sepoy”. Review.

— “Sheltering”. Review.

— “A War of Passion”. Review.


Quaglia, Roberto and Ian Watson. “Beloved Pig-Brother of the Daughter of the Pregnant Baby”. Review.


Radcliffe, Ann. The Mysteries of Udolpho. Review.

Rainey, Stephen Mark. “To Be as They”. Raw Feed.

Raisor, Gary L. “Empty Places”. Raw Feed.

Ram, Henry. “The Courtship of Miss Henrietta”. Review.

— “The Enterprising Necromancer”. Review.

— “The Evolutionizer”. Review.

— “Gentleman Caller”. Review.

— “Gunfight at Six Thousand Feet”. Review.

— “The Hatching of the Wolf Spider”. Review.

— “A Long Way From Name Pending”. Review.

— “A Quarter Past Death”. Review.

— “The Tavanier Purple”. Review.

Randis, Robert J. “Partners”. Raw Feed.

Raspail, Jean. The Camp of the Saints, trans. Norman Shapiro. Essay.

Rawlik, Peter. “In the Hall of the Yellow King”. Review.

Ray, Jean. “Mondschein-Dampfer”. Review.

— “The Shadowy Street”, trans. Lowell Blair. Review.

Reed, Robert. “Fifty Dinosaurs”. Review.

— “First Tuesday”. Raw Feed.

— “Game of the Century”. Raw Feed.

— “Grandma’s Jumpman”. Raw Feed.

— “Hatch”. Review.

— “Whiptail”. Raw Feed.

Rees, Rod. “Alternate Currents”. Review.

Reeves-Stevens, Garfield. Bloodshift. Raw Feed.

Nighteyes. Raw Feed.

Reeves-Stevens, Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens. Icefire. Raw Feed.

Reeves-Stevens, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Icefire. Raw Feed.

Renard, Maurice. “The Singular Fate of Bouvancourt”. Review.

Rentz, Pamela. “Lottie Versus the Moon Hopper”. Review.

Resnick, Laura. “The Adventure of the Missing Coffin”. Review.

— “Curren’s Song”. Low Res Scan.

— “A Fleeting Wisp of Glory”. Raw Feed.

— “We Are Not Amused”. Raw Feed.

Resnick, Mike. “The Adventure of the Pearly Gate”. Review.

Alternate Kennedys. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Alternate Outlaws. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Alternate Presidents. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Alternate Warriors. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

— “The Bull Moose at Bay”. Raw Feed.

— “Lady in Waiting”. Raw Feed.

— “Mwalimu in the Squared Circle”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Olympians”. Review.

— “Over There”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “The Roosevelt Dispatches”. Raw Feed.

Resnick, Mike and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. “Full Circle”. Review.

Resnick, Mike and Martin H. Greenberg. Dinosaur Fantastic. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

— Sherlock Holmes in Orbit. (anthology). Review.

Reynolds, Alastair. “The Fixation”. Review.

— “Minla’s Flowers”. Review.

Reynolds, Josh. “The Third Death of Henry Antrim”, Review.

Rhoads, Loren. “The Drowning City”. Review.

Rice, Anne. Angel Time: The Songs of the Seraphim, Book One. Review.

Rice, Christopher. “Naomi”. Review.

Rice, Jane. “The Refugee”. Review.

Richardson, Leonard. Constellation Games. Review.

Rickert, M. “Sleeping with Angels”. Review.

Riley, David B. Airship Stories. (collection). Review.

The Devil Draws Two: The Weird Western Adventures of Miles O’Malley. (omnibus). Review.

— “The Big Green Orb”. Review. Review.

— “Grumpy Gaines, Texas Ranger”. Review.

— Gunslingers & Ghost Stories. (anthology). Review.

— Heat of the Midday Sun: Stories from the Weird Weird West. (anthology). Review.

— Low Noon: Tales of Horror & Dark Fantasy in the Weird Weird West. (anthology). Review.

— “Misfire”. Review.

— “The Preacher”. Review.

— Science Fiction Trails #11. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

— Science Fiction Trails #12. (anthology). Review.

— Science Fiction Trails #13. (anthology). Review.

— Six-Guns Straight From Hell 2. (anthology). Review.

— “Some Protection”. Review.

— “The Toy Men”. Review.

— The Venerable Travels of Ling Fung. Review.

— “A Walk in the Woods”. Review.

— “Wandering About: The Adventures of the Airship Wanderer“. Review.

— “Watch the Sky”. Review.

Riley, David B. and Laura Givens. Six-Guns Straight from Hell: Tales of Horror and Dark Fantasy from the Weird Weird West. (anthology). Review.

Rimel, Duane W. [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “The Disinterment”. Raw Feed.

— “The Tree on the Hill”. Raw Feed.

Rios, Oscar. “The Nature of Faith”. Review.

Roberts, Adam. “Woodpunk”. Review.

Roberts, Keith. The Furies. Review.

Pavane. Raw Feed.

— “Weihnachtsabend”. Review.

Roberts, Ralph. “The Greatest Detective of All Time”. Review.

— “How the South Preserved the Union”. Raw Feed.

Roberson, Chris. “Line of Dichotomy”. Review.

Robeson, Kenneth. Cold Death. Review.

The Deadly Dwarf aka Repel. Review.

Death in Silver. Review.

The Evil Gnome. Review.

Fear Cay. Review.

Fortress of Solitude. Review.

The Freckled Shark. Review.

The Giggling Ghosts. Review.

The Golden Peril. Review.

He Could Stop the World. Review.

Land of Always-Night. Review.

Land of Long Juju. Review.

— The Land of Terror. Review.

The Lost Oasis. Review.

Murder Mirage. Review.

The Red Skull. Review.

Repel aka The Deadly Dwarf. Review.

Resurrection Day. Review.

The Secret in the Sky. Review.

The Seven Agate Devils. Review.

The Squeaking Goblin. Review.

The Talking Devil. Review.

The Ten Ton Snakes. Review.

Robida, Albert. The Engineer von Satanas. Review.

— “War in the 20th Century” (1883). Review.

— “War in the 20th Century” (1887). Review.

Robinson, Frank M. “The Great Dying”. Low Res Scan.

— “One Month in 1907”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Phantom of the Barbary Coast”. Review.

Robinson, Kim Stanley. “Before I Wake”. Raw Feed.

— “Black Air”. Raw Feed.

— “Coming Back to Dixieland”. Raw Feed.

— “The Disguise”. Raw Feed.

— “Down and Out in the Year 2000”. Raw Feed.

— “Glacier”. Raw Feed.

— “A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations”. Raw Feed.

— “The Lucky Strike”. Raw Feed.

— “The Lunatics”. Raw Feed.

— “Mercurial”. Raw Feed.

— “Muir on Shasta”. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “Our Town”. Raw Feed.

— “The Part of Us That Loves”. Raw Feed.

— “Rainbow Ridge”. Raw Feed.

— “Remaking History”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Remaking History and Other Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Ridge Running”. Raw Feed.

— “A Sensitive Dependence on Initial Conditions”. Raw Feed.

— “Sexual Dimorphism”. Raw Feed.

— “Stone Eggs”. Raw Feed.

— “A Transect”. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “The Translator”. Raw Feed.

— “Venice Drowned”. Raw Feed.

— “Vinland the Dream”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Zurich”. Raw Feed.

Robinson, Nathan. “The Glen”. Review.

Roche, Thomas S. “The Masque of Amanda Llado”. Review.

Roden, Barbara. “The Brink of Eternity”. Review.

Rodgers, Alan. “Her Misbegotten Son”. Raw Feed.

Rodgers, Alan and James D. Macdonald. “Rosemary: Scrambled Eggs on a Blue Plate”. Raw Feed.

Rohan, Koda. “Visions of Beyond”. Review.

Rojo, Pepe. “The President Without Organs”. Review.

Rollins, Jack. “Spores”. Review.

Romano-Lax, Andromeda. Plum Rains. Review.

Rosenberg, Barry. “Finding His Roots”. Low Res Scan.

Rosenblum, Mary. “The Egg Man”. Review.

— “The Eye of God”. Raw Feed.

— “Splinters of Glass”. Review.

Rosny, J. H. “Tornadres”. Review.

Royle, Nicholas. “The Reunion”. Review.

— “The Homecoming”. Raw Feed.

Rucker, Rudy. The Hollow Earth. Raw Feed.

Rucker, Rudy and Bruce Sterling. “Big Jelly”. Raw Feed.

Rucker, Rudy and Eileen Gunn. “Hive Mind Man”. Review.

Rucker, Rudy and Paul Di Filippo. “Instability”. Raw Feed.

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn. “The Best and Brightest”. Raw Feed.

— “Common Sense”. Low Res Scan.

— “Dreamlike States”. Review.

— “Fighting Bob”. Raw Feed.

— “Flitting Away”. Review.

— “Second Fiddle”. Review.

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn and Mike Resnick. “Full Circle”. Review.

Ruse, Gary Alan. “The Holmes Team Advantage”. Review.

Ruskin, Steve. “Mythic City Assay Office”. Review.

— “Specimen”. Review.

Russ, Joanna. “Invasion”. Raw Feed.

Russell, Eric Frank. Dreadful Sanctuary. Raw Feed.

— “Hobbyist”. Review.

Sinister Barrier. Raw Feed.

Russell, Ray. “The Darwin Sampler”. Review.

— “Sagittarius”. Review.

Ryman, Geoff. “Everywhere”. Raw Feed.

The Film-makers of Mars. Review.


Sales, Ian. Adrift on the Sea of Rains. Review.

Sallee, Wayne Allen. “Bullets Can’t Stop It”. Raw Feed.

Samuels, Mark. “Alistair”. Review.

— “A Call to Greatness”. Review.

— “The Hourglass of the Soul”. Review.

— “My Heretical Existence”. Review.

— “In Eternity — Two Lines Intersect”. Review.

— “My World Has No Memories”. Review.

— “The Other Tenant”. Review.

— “Outside Interference”. Review.

A Pilgrim Stranger. (associational). Review.

— “The Ruins of Reality”. Review.

— Written in Darkness. (collection). Review.

San Martin, Julio Toro. “Iron Footfalls”. Review.

Santa, Robert J. “Of Sweet Peas and Radishes”. Low Res Scan.

Sargent, Pamela. “Dream of Venus”. Review.

— “The Sleeping Serpent”. Raw Feed.

Sarrantanio, Al. “Trail of the Chromium Bandits”. Raw Feed.

Sawyer, Robert J. “The Blue Planet”. Raw Feed.

— “Just Like Old Times”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Shoulders of Giants”. Review.

— “Star Light, Star Bright”. Review.

— “You See But You Do Not Observe”. Review.

Saxton, Josephine. “The Power of Time”. Review.

Schenck, Hilbert. Chronosequence. Raw Feed.

Schiff, Stuart, ed. Heroes and Horrors. (collection). Review.

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Schwartz, Susan. “Loose Cannon”. Raw Feed.

— “Siren Song”. Raw Feed.

— “Suppose They Gave a Peace … “. Raw Feed.

Schweighofer, Peter. “Forgotten”. Review.

Schweitzer, Darrell. Awaiting Strange Gods: Weird and Lovecraftian Fictions. (collection). Low Res Scan.

— “Class Reunion”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Corpse Detective”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Eater of Hours”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Fire Eggs”. Raw Feed.

— “Ghost Dancing”. Low Res Scan.

— “Hanged Man and Ghost”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Head Shop in Arkham”. Low Res Scan.

— “Howling in the Dark”. Low Res Scan.

— “Innsmouth Idyll”. Low Res Scan.

— “On the Eastbound Train”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Runners Beyond the Wall”. Low Res Scan.

— “Sometimes You Have to Shout About It”. Low Res Scan.

— “Stragglers from Carrhae”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Warm”. Low Res Scan.

— “Why We Do It”. Low Res Scan.

Searle, Robyn. “Dolly in the Window”. Review.

Segriff, Larry and Martin H. Greenberg. Far Frontiers. (anthology). Review.

Shapiro, Shelly. “What Is Alternate History”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Sharp, Jonathan. “The White Mountains”. Review.

Shaver, Richard. “I Remember Lemuria!”. Review.

— “The Return of Sathans”. Review.

Shaver, Richard and David Hatcher Childress. Lost Continents & the Hollow Earth. (anthology, associational). Review.

Shaw, Bob. “Dream Fighter”. Review.

— “The Happiest Day of Your Life”. Review.

Shea, Michael. “The Recruiter”. Review.

Sheagren, Gerald E. “Loco”. Review.

Shearman, Robert. “Alice Through the Plastic Sheet”. Review.

Sheckley, Robert. “Agamemnon’s Run”. Review.

 — “The Cruel Equations”. Review.

— “The Day The Aliens Came”. Raw Feed.

— “Disquisitions on the Dinosaur”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Disorder and Early Sorrow of Edward Moore Kennedy, Homunculus”. Raw Feed.

— “Dukakis and the Aliens”. Raw Feed.

— “The New Horla”. Raw Feed.

— “The People Trap”. Review.

— “The Resurrection Machine”. Review.

— “Simul City”. Review.

Sheffield, Charles. Aftermath. Raw Feed.

— “The Bee’s Kiss”. Raw Feed.

— “Beyond the Golden Road”. Raw Feed.

Borderlands of Science. (associational). Review.

— “A Braver Thing”. Raw Feed.

— Brother to Dragons. Review.

— “C-Change”. Raw Feed.

— “Classical Nightmares . . . and Quantum Paradoxes”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Convergence. Review.

— “Counting Up”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “The Courts of Xanadu”. Raw Feed.

— “Dancing with Myself”. Raw Feed.

— Dancing with Myself. (collection). Raw Feed.

Dark As Day. Review.

— “Deep Safari”. Raw Feed.

— “Destroyer of Worlds”. Raw Feed.

Divergence. Review.

— “The Double Spiral Staircase”. Raw Feed.

— “The Feynman Solution”. Raw Feed.

— “Fifteen-Love on the Dead Man’s Chest”. Raw Feed.

— “The Fifteenth Station of the Cross”. Raw Feed.

The Ganymede Club. Review.

— “Georgia on My Mind”. Raw Feed.

— Georgia on My Mind and Other Places. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Godspeed”. Raw Feed.

— “The Grand Tour”. Raw Feed.

— “Health Care System”. Raw Feed.

— “Humanity Test”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction [Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2042: A Four-Part Invention]”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Georgia on My Mind and Other Places]. Raw Feed.

— The McAndrew Chronicles. (collection). Review.

— “Millennium”. Raw Feed.

— The Mind Pool. Raw Feed.

— “Nightmares of the Classical Mind”. Raw Feed.

— “Obsolete Skill”. Raw Feed.

— “Out of Copyright”. Raw Feed.

— “The Price of Civilization”. Raw Feed.

— Proteus Combined. (omnibus). Review.

— Proteus in the Underworld. Review.

— Proteus Unbound. Review.

— “Report on Planet Earth”. Raw Feed.

Resurgence. Review.

— “The Seventeen-Year Locusts”. Raw Feed.

— Sight of Proteus. Review.

— “Something for Nothing: A Biography of the Universe”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— Starfire. Raw Feed.

— “That Strain Again”. Raw Feed.

— “Trapalanda”. Raw Feed.

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— Higher Education. Raw Feed.

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Sherman, Delia. “The Red Piano”. Review.

Sherman, Josepha. “The Case of the Purloined L’isitek”. Review.

Shibata Yoshiki. “Love for Who Speaks”. Raw Feed.

Shiflet, Ron. “Unfinished Business”. Review.

Shippey, Tom. “Enemy Transmissions”. Review.

Shippey, Tom and Harry Harrison. “A Letter from the Pope”. Raw Feed.

Shirley, John. “The Incorporated”. Low Res Scan.

— “Isolation Point, California”. Review.

Shrewsbury, Steven L. “Day of Iniquity”. Review.

Shugoro, Yamamoto. “Through the Wooden Gate”. Review.

Silverberg, Robert. “Absolutely Inflexible”. Raw Feed.

— “After the Myths Went Home”. Review.

— “Against Babylon”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “Alaree”. Raw Feed.

— “Amanda and the Alien”. Raw Feed.

— “The Artifact Business”, Raw Feed.

— “The Asenion Solution”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “At the Conglomeroid Cocktail Party”. Review.

— “Basileus”. Raw Feed.

— “Beauty in the Night”. Review.

— “Blaze of Glory”. Raw Feed.

— “Blindsight”. Review.

— “Born with the Dead”. Review.

— “Breckenridge and the Continuum”. Review.

— “Bride 91”. Review.

— “Caliban”. Review.

— “Capricorn Games”. Review.

— “Caught in the Organ Draft”. Review.

— “The Changeling”. Review.

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The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume 1: Secret Sharers. (collection). Raw Feed.

— The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume One: To Be Continued. (collection). Low Res Scan.

The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Two: To the Dark Star, 1962-69. (collection). Review.

The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Three: Something Wild Is Loose, 1969-72. (collection). Review.

The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Four: Trips, 1972-73. (collection). Review.

The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Five: The Palace at Midnight, 1980-82. (collection). Review.

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— The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume Eight: Hot Times in Magma City, 1990-95. (collection). Review.

— “Collecting Team”. Raw Feed.

— “Counterpart”. Raw Feed.

— “Crossing into the Empire”. Review.

— “Dancers in the Time-Flux”. Raw Feed.

— “The Dead Man’s Eyes”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “Death Do Us Part”. Review.

— “The Dybbuk of Mazel Tov IV”. Review.

— “The Emperor and the Maula”. Review.

— “Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another”. Review. Low Res Scan.

— “The Fangs of the Trees”. Review.

— “The Far Side of the Bell-Shaped Curve”. Review.

— “The Feast of St. Dionysius”. Review.

— “Flies”. Review.

— “Foreword: About Dick Lupoff”. Raw Feed.

— “Gate of Horn, Gate of Ivory”. Raw Feed.

— “Getting Across”. Review.

— “Gianni”. Review.

— “Gilgamesh in the Outback”. Review.

— “Going”. Review.

— “Going Down Smooth”. Review.

— “Good News from the Vatican”. Review.

— “Gorgon Planet”. Raw Feed.

— “Halfway House”. Review.

— “Hannibal’s Elephants”. Raw Feed.

— “A Happy Day in 2381”. Review.

— “Hardware”. Raw Feed.

— “Hawksbill Station”. Review. Raw Feed.

–“Homefaring”. Raw Feed.

— “Hot Times in Magma City”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “House of Bones”. Raw Feed.

— “How It Was When the Past Went Away”. Review.

— “How They Pass the Time in Pelpel”. Review.

— “Hunters in the Forest”. Review.

— “In Another Country”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “In Entropy’s Jaws”. Review.

— “In the Clone Zone”. Review.

— “In the Group”. Review.

— “In the House of the Double Mind”. Review.

— “Introduction” [The Collected Stories of Robert Silverberg, Volume One: To Be Continued]. Raw Feed.

— “The Iron Chancellor”. Raw Feed.

— “The Iron Star”. Raw Feed.

— “Ishmael in Love”. Review.

— “It Comes and It Goes”. Review.

— “Jennifer’s Lover”. Review.

— “Lion Time in Timbuctoo”. Review.

— “A Long Night’s Vigil at the Temple”. Review.

— “Looking for the Fountain”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The Macauley Circuit”. Raw Feed.

The Man in the Maze. Raw Feed.

— “A Man of Talent”. Raw Feed.

— “The Man Who Floated in Time”. Review.

— “The Martian Invasion Journals of Henry James””. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The Man Who Never Forgot”. Raw Feed.

— “Many Mansions”. Review.

— “The Millennium Express”. Raw Feed.

— “Ms. Found in an Abandoned Machine”. Review.

— “Multiples”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “The Mutant Season”. Review.

— “Needle in a Timestack”. Review.

— “Neighbors”. Review.

— “Not Our Brother”. Review.

— “Now + n, Now – n”. Review.

— “One Way Journey”. Raw Feed.

— “Our Lady of the Sauropods”. Review.

— “The Outbreeders”. Raw Feed.

— “An Outpost of the Empire”. Raw Feed

— “Ozymandius”. Raw Feed.

— “The Pain Peddlars”. Review.

— “The Palace at Midnight”. Review.

— “The Pardoner’s Tale”. Raw Feed.

— “Passengers”. Review.

— “The Pleasure of Their Company”. Review.

— “The Pope of the Chimps”. Review.

— “Push No More”. Review.

— “The Reality Trip”. Review.

— “The Blaze in the Morning”. Review.

— “The Regulars”. Review.

— “Ringing the Changes”. Review.

— “The Road to Nightfall”. Raw Feed.

— “Sailing to Byzantium”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Schwartz Between the Galaxies”. Review.

— “The Science Fiction Hall of Fame”. Review.

— “A Sea of Faces”. Review.

— “The Second Shield”. Review.

— “The Secret Sharer”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “Ship-Sister, Star-Sister”. Review.

— “The Silent Colony”. Raw Feed.

— “The Sixth Palace”. Review.

— “A Sleep and a Forgetting”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “Snake and Ocean, Ocean and Snake”. Raw Feed.

— “Some Notes on the Pre-Dynastic Epoch”. Review.

— “Something Wild Is Loose”. Review.

— “Songs of Summer”. Raw Feed.

Son of Man. Raw Feed.

— “Sundance”. Review.

— “Sunrise on Mercury”. Raw Feed.

— “Sunrise on Pluto”. Raw Feed.

— “Symbiont”. Raw Feed.

— “Thebes of the Hundred Gates”. Review.

— “There Was an Old Woman”. Raw Feed.

— “Thesme and Ghayrog”. Review.

— “This Is the Road”. Review.

— “Thomas the Proclaimer”. Review.

— “A Thousand Paces Along the Via Dolorosa”. Review.

Time Gate. (anthology). Review.

Time Gate 2: Dangerous Interfaces. (anthology). Review.

— “A Tip on a Turtle”. Review.

— “To Be Continued”. Raw Feed.

— “To See the Invisible Man”. Review.

— “To the Dark Star”. Review.

— “To the Promised Land”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “Tourist Trade”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “Trips”. Review.

— “The Trouble with Sempoanga”. Review.

Up the Line. Raw Feed.

— “Waiting for the Earthquake”. Review.

— “Warm Man”. Raw Feed.

— “The Way to Spook City”. Review.

— “We Are for the Dark”. Review.

— “We Know Who We Are”. Review.

— “The Werewolf Gambit”. Raw Feed.

— “What We Learned from This Morning’s Newspaper”. Review.

— “When We Went to See the End of the World”. Review.

— “Why?”. Raw Feed.

— “The Wind and the Rain”. Review.

— “World of a Thousand Colors”. Raw Feed.

Silverberg, Robert and Damien Broderick. Beyond the Doors of Death. Review.

Silverberg, Robert and Martin H. Greenberg. The Fantasy Hall of Fame. (anthology). Review.

Simak, Clifford D. All Flesh Is Grass. Raw Feed.

— “Gleaners”. Low Res Scan.

I Am Crying All Inside and Other Stories: The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak, Volume One, ed. David W. Wixon. (collection). Low Res Scan.

— “I Had No Head and My Eyes Were Floating Way Up in the Air”. Low Res Scan.

— “Installment Plan”. Low Res Scan.

— “Ogre”. Low Res Scan.

— “Small Deer”. Low Res Scan.

— They Walked Like Men. Raw Feed.

— Way Station. Raw Feed.

Simmons, Dan. Black Hills. Review.

— “Madame Bovary, C’ est Moi”. Raw Feed.

— “Muse of Fire”. Review.

— “The River Styx Runs Upstream”. Review.

The Terror. Review.

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Skillingstead, Jack. “Rescue Mission”. Review.

Slatter, Angela. “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter”. Review.

Slesar, Henry. “Examination Day”. Review.

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— “Tuberculosis Bacteria Join UN”. Raw Feed.

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Eagle in Exile. Review.

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— “An Adventure in Futurity”. Raw Feed.

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— “A Captivity in Serpens”. Raw Feed.

— “The Chain of Aforgomon“. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “The Charnel God”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The City of the Singing Flame”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume. 1: The End of the Story. (collection). Low Res Scan.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 2: The Door to Saturn. (collection). Raw Feed.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 4: The Maze of the Enchanter. (collection). Review.

The Collected Fantasies of Clark Ashton Smith, Volume 5: The Last Hieroglyph. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Colossus of Ylourgne”. Raw Feed.

— “The Coming of the White Worm”. Raw Feed.

— “The Dark Age”. Raw Feed.

— “The Dark Eidolon”. Review.

— “The Dart of Rasasfa”. Raw Feed.

— “The Death of Ilalotha”. Raw Feed.

— “The Death of Malygris”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “The Demon of the Flower”. Review.

— “The Devotee of Evil”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Dimension of Chance”. Review.

— “The Disinterment of Venus”. Review.

— “The Door to Saturn”. Raw Feed.

— “Double Cosmos”. Raw Feed.

— “The Dweller in the Gulf”. Review. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The Empire of the Necromancers”. Raw Feed.

— “The Enchantress of Sylaire”. Raw Feed.

— “The End of the Story”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “The Epiphany of Death”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Eternal World”. Review.

— “The Face by the River”. Raw Feed.

— “The Flower-Women”. Review.

— “From the Crypts of Memory”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Garden of Adompha”. Raw Feed.

— “Genius Loci”. Raw Feed. Review.

— “The Ghoul”. Raw Feed.

— “A Good Embalmer”. Raw Feed.

— “The Gorgon”. Raw Feed.

— “The Great God Awto”. Raw Feed.

— “The Holiness of Azédarac”. Raw Feed.

— “The Hunters from Beyond”. Raw Feed.

— “The Ice-Demon”. Review.

— “The Immortals of Mercury”. Review.

— “The Isle of the Torturers”. Review.

— “The Justice of the Elephant”. Raw Feed.

— “The Kingdom of the Worm”. Raw Feed.

— “The Kiss of Zoraida”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last Hieroglyph”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last Incantation”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “The Letter from Mohaun Los”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “The Mandrakes”. Review.

— “Marooned in Andromeda”. Low Res Scan.

— “Master of the Asteroid”. Raw Feed.

— “The Master of the Crabs”. Raw Feed.

— “The Maze of Maal Dweb”. Raw Feed.

— “The Maze of the Enchanter”. Review.

— “The Metamorphosis of the World”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Monster of the Prophecy”. Review. Low Res Scan.

— “Monsters in the Night”. Raw Feed.

— “Morthylla”. Raw Feed.

— “Mother of Toads”. Raw Feed.

— “A Murder in the Fourth Dimension”. Low Res Scan.

— “Necromancy in Naat”. Raw Feed.

— “Nemesis of the Unfinished”. Raw Feed.

— “A Night in Malnéant”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Ninth Skeleton”. Low Res Scan.

— “An Offering to the Moon”. Raw Feed.

— “The Phantoms of the Fire”. Low Res Scan.

— “Phoenix”. Review.

— “The Planet of the Dead”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “The Plutonian Drug”. Review.

— “The Primal City”. Raw Feed.

— “The Red World of Polaris”. Raw Feed.

— “A Rendezvous in Averoigne”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

A Rendezvous in Averoigne: The Best Fantastic Tales of Clark Ashton Smith. (collection). Low Res Scan.

— “The Resurrection of the Rattlesnake”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Return of the Sorcerer”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “The Root of Ampoi”. Low Res Scan.

— “Sadastor”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Satyr”. Low Res Scan.

— “Schizoid Creator”. Raw Feed.

— “The Secret of the Cairn”. Review. Review.

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— “A Star-Change”. Review. Review.

Star Changes: The Science Fiction of Clark Ashton Smith, eds. Scott Connors and Ron Hilger. (collection). Review.

— “Strange Shadows”. Raw Feed.

— “Symposium of the Gorgon”. Raw Feed.

— “The Tale of Satampra Zeiros”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “The Testament of Athammaus”. Raw Feed.

— “The Theft of the Thirty-Nine Girdles”. Raw Feed.

— “The Third Episode of Vathek: The Story of the Princess Zulkaïs and the Prince Kalilah”. Review.

— “Thirteen Phantasms”. Low Res Scan.

— “Told in the Desert”. Raw Feed.

— “The Tomb-Spawn”. Raw Feed.

— “To the Daemon”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Treader of the Dust”. Raw Feed.

— “Ubbo-Sathla”. Review.

— “The Uncharted Isle”. Raw Feed. Low Res Scan.

— “The Vaults of Yoh-Vombis”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “The Venus of Azombeii”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Voyage of King Euvoran”. Review.

— “A Voyage to Sfanomoë”. Raw Feed.

— “Vulthoom”. Review. Review.

— “The Weaver in the Vaults”. Review.

— “The Weird of Avoosl Withoqquan”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “The White Sibyl”. Review.

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— “Xeethra”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Smith, David Alexander: “Afterword: How It Came to Be” [Future Boston]. Raw Feed.

Smith, David Alexander. “Boston Will Sink Claims MIT Prof”. Raw Feed.

— “Dying in Hull”. Raw Feed.

Future Boston: The History of a City 1990-2100. (anthology). Raw Feed.

In the Cube. Raw Feed.

— “Sail Away”. Raw Feed.

— “Seeing the Edge”. Raw Feed.

— “When the Phneri Fell”. Raw Feed.

— “Who Is Venture Capital”, David Alexander Smith. Raw Feed.

Smith, David Alexander and Steven Popkes. “Playing Chess with the Bishop”. Raw Feed.

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Smith, Michael Marshall. “Sad, Dark Thing”. Review.

— “To See the Sea”. Raw Feed.

Smith, Sarah. “Three Boston Artists”. Raw Feed.’

— “Ye Citizens of Boston”. Raw Feed.

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Soles, Caro and Nancy Kilpatrick. nEvermore!: Tales of Mystery, Murder, and the Macabre. (anthology). Review.

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— “Plowshare”. Raw Feed.

— “Rosemary’s Brain”. Raw Feed.

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Spencer, William Browning. “Downloading Midnight”. Raw Feed.

Spinrad, Norman. “The Big Flash”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 2: We Can Remember It for You Wholesale]. Raw Feed.

— “La Vie Continue”. Raw Feed.

— Little Heroes. Raw Feed.

— “The Lost Continent”. Raw Feed.

— “The National Pastime”. Review.

— “New Ice Age, or Just Cold Feet?“. Raw Feed.

Other Americas. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Rubber Sciences”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Songs from the Stars. Raw Feed.

— “Street Meat”. Raw Feed.

— “World War Last”. Raw Feed.

— “The Year of the Mouse”. Raw Feed.

Stabenow, Dana. “No Place Like Home”. Review.

Stableford, Brian. “And He Busy Not Being Born”. Review.

The Ark. (omnibus). Review.

— “Ashes and Tombstones”. Raw Feed.

— “The Concept of Mind in Science Fiction”. (nonfiction). Review.

The Empire of Fear. Raw Feed.

The Engineer von Satanas. (anthology). Review.

— “Future Wars, 1890-1950”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Home Front”. Review.

— “The House of Mourning”. Raw Feed.

Illusions of Immortality. (anthology). Review.

— “The Innsmouth Heritage”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last Supper”. Raw Feed.

— “Marxism, Science Fiction and the Poverty of Prophecy: Some Comparisons and Contrasts”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Myth of Man-Made Catastrophe”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Opening Minds”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Plausibility of the Impossible”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “The Pipes of Pan”. Review.

The Scaffold and Other Tales. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Science Fiction and the Mythology of Progress”, Brian Stableford. (nonfiction). Review.

Scientific Romance: An International Anthology of Pioneering Science Fiction. (anthology). Review.

— “SF: The Nature of the Medium”. (nonfiction). Review.

The Vampire Soul and Other Sardonic Tales. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— “William Wilson’s Prospectus for Science-Fiction, 1851”. (nonfiction). Review.

Stapledon, Olaf. First and Last Men: A Story of the Far and Near Future. Raw Feed.

Last Men in London. Raw Feed.

Odd John: A Story Between Jest and Earnest. Raw Feed.

Sirius: A Fantasy of Love and Discord. Raw Feed.

— Star Maker. (excerpt). Review.

Starrett, Vincent. “In Which an Author and His Character Are Well Met”. Review.

Stasheff, Christopher. “The Simulated Golem”. Review.

Stathis, Lou. “Afterword”. Raw Feed.

Steele, Allen. “The Boid Hunt”. Review.

— “Doblin’s Lecture”. Raw Feed.

— “Goddard’s People”. Raw Feed.

The Jericho Iteration. Review.

— “A Letter from St. Louis”. Raw Feed.

— “Riders in the Sky”. Low Res Scan.

Stephenson, Neal. The Diamond Age. Raw Feed.

— Snow Crash. Raw Feed.

— “Spew”. Raw Feed.

Sterling, Bruce. “Bicycle Repairman”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Deep Eddy”. Raw Feed.

— “The Goddess of Mercy”. Review.

A Good Old-Fashioned Future. (collection). Raw Feed.

Heavy Weather. Raw Feed.

Islands in the Net. Raw Feed.

— “The Littlest Jackal”. Raw Feed.

— “Maneki Neko”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Pirate Utopia. Review.

— “Sacred Cow”. Raw Feed.

— “Taklamakan”. Raw Feed.

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Sterling, Kenneth and H. P. Lovecraft. “In the Walls of Eryx”. Raw Feed.

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Stirling, S. M. and Jerry Pournelle. Go Tell the Spartans. Raw Feed.

Prince of Sparta. Raw Feed.

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Stone, Sam. “Three Sisters”. Review.

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Strickland, Brad. “And the Moon Shines Full and Bright”. Raw Feed.

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— The Joy Machine. (script by Sturgeon, novel by James Gunn). Low Res Scan.

— “The Silken Swift”. Review.

— “Thunder and Roses”. Raw Feed.

Suga, Hiroe. “Freckled Figure”. Raw Feed.

Sullivan, Tim. “The Mickey Mouse Olympics”. Review.

Sullivan, Tricia. “Electrify Me”. Review.

Summers, David Lee. “A Specter in the Light”. Review.

Sumner, Mark. Devil’s Engine. Raw Feed.

— Devil’s Tower. Raw Feed.

Sunseri, John. “A Little Job in Arkham”. Review.

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Sutter, D. G. “Maybe Another Day”. Low Res Scan.

Sutton, David. “Innsmouth Gold”. Raw Feed.

Swann, S. Andrew. Fearful Symmetries: The Return of Nohar Rajasthan. Review.

Forests of the Night. Review.

— “The Heavens Fall”. Review.

The Hostile Takeover Trilogy. (omnibus). Review.

 — The Moreau Quartet, Vol. 1. (omnibus). Review.

The Moreau Quartet, Vol. 2. (omnibus). Review.

Prophets: Apotheosis: Book One. Review.

Swanwick, Michael. “Ancient Engines”. Raw Feed.

— “Radiant Doors”. Raw Feed.

— “The Wisdom of Old Earth”. Review.

Swanwick, Michael and Eileen Gunn. “Shed That Guilt! Double Your Productivity Overnight!”. Review.

— “The Trains That Climb the Winter Tree”. Review.

— “Zeppelin City”. Review.

Swift, Lee. “Wormhole”. Review.

Swiniarski, S. A. The Flesh, the Blood, and the Fire. Raw Feed.


Tabakow, Lou. “Faithfully Yours”. Review.

Talley, Brett J. “The Apotheosis of a Rodeo Clown”. Review.

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Tambour, Anna. “Sincerely, Petrified”. Review.

Tanzer, Molly. “Go, Go, Go, Said the Byakhee”. Review.

— “Herbert West in Love”. Review.

— “Mysterium Tremendum”. Review.

Tarr, Judith. “Queen of Asia”. Low Res Scan.

— Roncesvalles”. Raw Feed.

— “Them Old Hyannis Blues”. Raw Feed.

Taruho, Inagaki. “The Ino Residence, Or, The Competition with a Ghost”. Review.

Taylor, Tim C. Last Man Through the Gate. Review.

The Reality War: The Slough of Despond. Review.

Tchaikovsky, Adrian. “The Fall of Lady Sealight”. Review.

Tem, Melanie. “The Pickers”. Review.

Tem, Steve Rasnic. “Jungle J.D.” Raw Feed.

— “Shadow”. Review.

Tetrick, Byron. “The Future Engine”. Review.

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Theobald, Jun., Lewis and Elizabeth Neville Berkeley. “The Green Meadow”. Raw Feed.

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Thomas, G. W. “At the Sound of the Tone … “. Review.

The Book of the Black Sun. (collection). Review.

— “The Case of the Blue Man”. Review.

The Case of the Phantom Legion. Review.

— “The Court of Two Lions”. Review.

— “The Faces”. Review.

— “If You Go Down to the Woods Today”. Review.

— “The Man Who Would Be King”. Review.

— “Mother”. Review.

— “The Other Woman”. Review.

— “The People”. Review.

— “Six Bullets”. Review.

— “The Songs of Madness”. Review.

— “Spitting in Niagra Falls”. Review.

— “The Suit”. Review.

— “There Was an Old Lady … “. Review.

— “A Thing Called Love”. Review.

Thomas, Jeffrey. “Pazuzu’s Children”. Review.

Thomas, Patrick. “Then Terror Came”. Review.

Thomsen, Brian M. “Gloria Remembers”. Raw Feed.

— “The Missing 35th President”. Raw Feed.

— “Mouse and Master”. Review.

— “Paper Trail”. Raw Feed.

Thwaite, Dan. “The Duel”. Review.

Tidhar, Lavie. “One Day, Soon”. Review.

— “Sleepless, in R’lyeh”. Review.

Tiedemann, Mark W. “Resurrection”. Raw Feed.

Tobler, E. Catherine. “Beyond Porch and Portal”. Review.

— “Myristica Fragrans”. Review.

Todd, Darren. “Plot 264”. Low Res Scan.

Travis, Tia. “The Yellers of Their Eyes”. Raw Feed.

Tremblay, Paul. “We Will Never Live in the Castle”. Review.

Tremayne, Peter. “Daoine Domhain”. Raw Feed.

Tsutsui, Yasutaka.  “Standing Woman”. Raw Feed.

Tucker, Wilson. The Year of the Quiet Sun. Raw Feed.

Turner, George. Beloved Son. Raw Feed.

Brain Child. Raw Feed.

— The Destiny Makers. Review.

Drowning Towers. Raw Feed.

Turteltaub, H. N. Over the Wine-Dark Sea. (associational). Review.

Turtledove, Harry. American Empire: Blood and Iron. Raw Feed.

American Empire: The Center Cannot Hold. Raw Feed.

—  American Empire: The Victorious Opposition. Review.

— “And So to Bed”. Raw Feed.

— “The Barbecue, the Movie, and Other Unfortunately not so Relevant Material”. Raw Feed.

— “Batboy”. Raw Feed.

— “Bluff”. Raw Feed.

— “The Boring Beast”. Raw Feed.

— “The Castle of the Sparrowhawk”. Raw Feed.

— “Clash of Arms”. Raw Feed.

Colonization: Aftershocks. Review.

Colonization: Down to Earth. Raw Feed.

Colonization: Second Contact. Raw Feed.

— “Counting Potsherds”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Crybaby”. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “Death in Vesunna”. Raw Feed.

— “Departures”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Departures. (collection). Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Designated Hitter”. Raw Feed.

— “A Difficult Undertaking”. Raw Feed.

— “Down in the Bottomlands”. Raw Feed.

Down in the Bottomlands and Other Places. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— “Drang Nach Osten”. Review.

— “Gentleman of the Shade”. Raw Feed.

— “The Girl Who Took Lessons”. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “Gladly Wolde He Lerne”. Raw Feed.

The Great War: American FrontRaw Feed.

The Great War: Breakthroughs. Review.

The Great War: Walk in Hell. Raw Feed.

The Guns of the South. Raw Feed.

— “Herbig-Haro”. Raw Feed.

— “Hindsight”. Raw Feed.

Homeward Bound. Review.

How Few Remain. Raw Feed.

— “In the Presence of My Enemies”. Raw Feed.

— “Islands in the Sea”. Raw Feed.

Kaleidoscope. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Last Article”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Last Favor”. Raw Feed.

— “The Last Reunion”. Raw Feed.

— “Les Mortes D’Arthur”. Raw Feed.

— “Lure”. Raw Feed.

— “A Massachusetts Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”. Raw Feed.

— “Must and Shall”. Raw Feed.

— “Nasty, Brutish, And … “. Raw Feed.

— “Not All Wolves”. Raw Feed.

— “Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire”. Raw Feed.

— “The Pugnacious Peacemaker”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “Ready for the Fatherland”. Raw Feed.

— “Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “The Road Not Taken”. Raw Feed.

— “The R Strain”. Raw Feed.

— “Secret Names”. Raw Feed.

Settling Accounts: In at the Death. Review.

Settling Accounts: Return Engagement. Review.

Settling Accounts: The Grapple. Review.

— “The Summer Garden”. Raw Feed.

— “The Weather’s Fine”. Review.

A World of Difference. Raw Feed.

Worldwar: In the Balance. Raw Feed.

Worldwar: Striking the Balance. Raw Feed.

Tuttle, Lisa. “The Man in the Ditch”. Review.


Ullian, Peter. “The Vietnamization of Centauri V”. Review.

Unsworth, Simon Kurt. “The Terrible Knitter”. Review.

— “Vernon, Driving”. Review.

Upchurch, Darla. “Forever in Oro”. Review.


Valtat, Jean-Christophe. Aurorarama. Review

van Belkom. “Coming of Age”. Review.

Vance, Jack. “The Kokod Warriors”. Review.

— “Mazirian the Magician”. Review.

Van Laerhoven, Bob. “All-Eye”. Raw Feed.

van Vogt, A. E. “Far Centaurus”. Review.

Slan. Raw Feed.

Varley, John. “Press Enter”. Raw Feed.

Vaughn, Carrie. “Amaryllis”. Review.

Vinge, Vernor. “The Whirligig of Time”. Raw Feed.

Volker, Kit. “Another One”. Review.

— “Art Lessons”. Review.

— “Smile”. Review.

— “Smoke People”. Review.

von Rospach, Charles. “‘Til Death Do Us Part”. Raw Feed.


Wacks, Peter J. “Shell Games: A Hummingbird and Inazuma Con”. Review.

Wade, James. “The Deep Ones”. Review.

— “The Silence of Erika Zann”. Raw Feed.

Wagner, Karl Edward. “An Awareness of Angels”. Review.

— “Plan 10 from Inner Space”. Raw Feed.

Wagner, Wendy N. “Loyalty of a Thousand Years”. Review.

Wakefield, H. R. “Professor Pownall’s Oversight”. Review.

— “The Red Lodge”. Review.

Waldrop, Howard. “All About Strange Monsters of the Recent Past”. Raw Feed.

A Dozen Tough Jobs. Raw Feed.

— “Fair Game”. Raw Feed.

— “Flying Saucer Rock and Roll”. Raw Feed.

— “Helpless, Helpless”. Raw Feed.

— “He-Who-Await”. Raw Feed.

— “The Lions Are Asleep This Night”. Raw Feed.

— “Night of the Cooters”. Raw Feed.

— “Our Mortal Span”. Raw Feed.

— “The Passing of the Western”. Raw Feed.

Strange Monsters of the Recent Past. (collection). Raw Feed.

— Them Bones. Review.

— “What Makes Heironymous Run?”. Raw Feed.

Wakefield, H. R. “The Red Lodge”. Review.

Wandrei, Donald, H. P. Lovecraft, and August Derleth. Selected Letters I. 1911-1924. Review.

Ward, Charles Dexter. “Bordeaux Mixture”. Raw Feed.

Ward, Cynthia. “Six Guns of the Sierra Nevada”. Review.

Warfield, Gerald. “The Poly Islands”. Review.

Warren, Kaaron. “The Tell”. Review.

Warwick, Patricia S. and Martin H. Greenberg. “Introduction” [Robots, Androids, and Mechanical Oddities: The Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick]. Raw Feed.

— Robots, Androids, and Mechanical Oddities: The Science Fiction of Philip K. Dick. (collection). Raw Feed.

Watson, Ian. “The 1000 Year Reich”. Review.

The 1000 Year Reich and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “The Arc de Triomphe Code”. Review.

— “The Black Wall of Jerusalem”. Review.

— “Blair’s War”. Review.

— “Breakfast in Bed”. Review.

— “Faith Without Teeth”. Review.

— “Forever Flowing Bubbles”. Review.

— “The Great Atlantic Swimming Race”. Review.

— “Having the Time of His Life”. Review.

— “How We Came Back From Mars: Story That Cannot Be Told”. Review.

— “In Golden Armour”. Review.

— “An Inspector Calls”. (associational). Review.

— “Long Stay”. Review.

— “Me and My Flying Saucer”. Review.

— “The Name of the Lavender”. Review.

— “Red Squirrel”. (associational). Review.

— “Spanish Fly”. Review.

— “The Tale of Trurl and the Great TanGent”. Review.

— “The Traveling Raven Problem”. Review.

— “The Wild Pig’s Collar”. Review.

Watson, Ian and Roberto Quaglia. “Beloved Pig-Brother of the Daughter of the Pregnant Baby”. Review.

Watt-Evans, Lawrence. “The Last Bastion”. Review.

— “The Prisoner of Shalott”. Review.

— “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”. Raw Feed.

Watts, Peter. “The Eye of God”. Review.

Waugh, Charles, Isaac Asimov, and Martin H. Greenberg. The Science Fictional Olympics: The Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction #2. Review.

Tin Stars: The Wonderful World of Science Fiction #5. Review.

Webb, Don. “A Comet Called Ithaqua”. Review.

— “To Mars and Providence”. Raw Feed.

Weekes, Carol and Michael Kelly. “The Ravens of Consequence”. Review.

Weinberg, Robert E. “Wolf Watch”. Raw Feed.

Weiner, Andrew. “Distant Signals”. Raw Feed.

— Distant Signals and Other Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Empire of the Sun”. Raw Feed.

— “Fake-Out”. Raw Feed.

— “Getting Near the End”. Raw Feed.

— “Going Native”. Raw Feed.

— “Inspiration”. Raw Feed.

— “Klein’s Machine”. Raw Feed.

— “Leaving the Planet”. Raw Feed.

— “The Man Who Was Lucky”. Raw Feed.

— “The News From D Street”. Raw Feed.

— “Rider”. Raw Feed.

— “Waves”. Raw Feed.

Weinberg, Robert and Martin H. Greenberg. Miskatonic University. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Wellen, Edward. “Finger of Fate”. Review.

— “Voiceover”. Review.

Wellman, Manly Wade. “Oh Ugly Bird!” Review.

— “When It Was Moonlight”. Review.

Wells, H. G. “Aepyornis Island”. Raw Feed.

— “The Argonauts of the Air”. Raw Feed.

— “The Country of the Blind”. Review. Raw Feed.

The Croquet Player. Raw Feed.

— “The Crystal Egg”. Raw Feed.

— “A Dream of Armageddon”. Raw Feed.

— “The Empire of the Ants”. Raw Feed.

— “Filmer”. Raw Feed.

— The First Men in the Moon. Raw Feed.

— “The Flowering of the Strange Orchid”. Raw Feed.

The Food of the Gods. Raw Feed.

— “In the Abyss”. Raw Feed.

— “In the Avu Observatory”. Raw Feed.

In the Days of the Comet. Raw Feed.

The Invisible Man. Raw Feed.

The Island of Dr. Moreau. Raw Feed.

— “The Land Ironclads”. Raw Feed.

— “The Magic Shop”. Raw Feed.

— “The Man Who Could Work Miracles”. Raw Feed.

Men Like Gods. Raw Feed.

A Modern Utopia. Raw Feed.

— “The New Accelerator”. Raw Feed.

— “The Plattner Story”. Raw Feed.

— “The Remarkable Case of Davidson’s Eyes”. Raw Feed.

— “The Sea Raiders”. Raw Feed.

The Sleeper Awakes. Review.

— “The Star”. Review.

Star-Begotten: A Biological Fantasia. Raw Feed.

— “The Stolen Bacillus”. Raw Feed.

— “The Stolen Body”. Raw Feed.

— “A Story of the Days to Come”. Raw Feed.

— “The Story of the Late Mr. Elvesham”. Raw Feed.

— “A Story of the Stone Age”. Raw Feed.

The Time Machine. Raw Feed.

— “The Truth About Pyecraft”. Raw Feed.

— “Under the Knife”. Raw Feed.

— “The Valley of the Spiders”. Raw Feed.

— The War of the Worlds. Raw Feed.

The World Set Free: A Story of Mankind. Raw Feed.

Wells, Martha. “The Dark Gates”. Review.

Wentworth, K. D. Writers of the Future, Volume XXVIII. Review.

Wharton, Edith. “Kerfol”. Review.

Whates, Ian. Dark Currents. (anthology). Review.

— “The Assistant”. Review.

White, James. “Custom Fitting”. Review.

White, Jen. “A Cool, Private Place”. Review.

White, N. E. Wars to End All Wars: Alternate Tales from the Trenches. (anthology). Review.

Whitehall, Haley. “The Sacrifice”. Review.

Whitehead, Henry S. [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “The Trap”. Raw Feed.

Whittemore, Edward. Quinn’s Shanghai Circus. Review.

Wilhelm, Kate. “Countdown”. Raw Feed.

— “Forget Luck”. Raw Feed.

Williams, Charles. “Et In Sempiternum Pereant”. Review.

Williams, Ralph. “Pax Galactica”. Raw Feed.

Williams, Tad. “Not With a Whimper, Either”. Review.

Williams, Walter Jon. “Foreign Devils”. Raw Feed.

— “No Spot of Ground”. Raw Feed.

— “Red Elvis”. Low Res Scan.

— “Sends Them Flowers”. Review.

Williamson, Jack. The Best of Jack Williamson. (collection). Review.

— Darker Than You Think. Raw Feed.

— “Breakdown”. Review.

— “The Cold Green Eye”. Review.

— “Crucible of Power”. Review.

— “Dead Star Station”. Review.

— “Eden Star”. Review.

— “The Equalizer”. Review.

— “The Firefly Tree”. Review.

— “Guinevere for Everybody”. Review.

— “The Happiest Creature”. Review.

— “The Highest Dive”. Review.

The Humanoid Touch. Review.

— “Jamboree”. Review.

— “The Metal Man”. Review.

— “Nonstop to Mars”. Review.

— “Operation Gravity”. Review.

— “The Peddler’s Nose”. Review.

— “Short Stories and Novelettes”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— The Stonehenge Gate. Raw Feed.

— “The Ultimate Earth”. Raw Feed.

— “With Folded Hands”. Review.

Williamson, Neil. “Lost Sheep”. Review.

Willis, Connie. “Nonstop to Portales”. Raw Feed.

— “The Soul Selects Her Own Society: Invasion and Repulsion: A Chronological Reinterpretation of Two of Emily Dickinson’s Poem: A Wellesian Perspective”. Raw Feed.

Wilson, Colin. The Mind Parasites. Raw Feed.

— “The Return of the Lloigor”. Review.

Wilson, F. Paul. “The Tenth Toe”. Raw Feed.

Wilson, G. Willow. Alif the Unseen. Review.

Wilson, Robert Anton. The Earth Will Shake: Volume 1 of the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles. (associational). Raw Feed.

— Masks of the Illuminati. (associational). Raw Feed.

The Widow’s Son: Volume 2 of the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles. (associational). Raw Feed.

Wilson, Robert Charles. “The Dryad’s Wedding”. Review.

Wilson, T. D. The Epherium Chronicles: Embrace. Review.

Wise, A. C. “Venice Burning”. Review.

Wismer, Donald. “Safe Harbor”. Review.

Witteveen, David. “Ache”. Review.

— “Perfect Skin”. Review.

Wixon, David W. I Am Crying All Inside and Other Stories: The Complete Short Fiction of Clifford D. Simak, Volume One. (collection). Low Res Scan.

Wohleber, Curt. “100 Candles”. Raw Feed.

Wolfe, Gene. “Counting Cats in Zanzibar”. Raw Feed.

— “Has Anybody Seen Junie Moon”. Raw Feed.

— “How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion”. Raw Feed.

— “Lord of the Land”. Review.

— “Petting Zoo”. Review.

— “Seven American Nights”. Raw Feed.

— “The Ziggurat”. Raw Feed.

Wollheim, Elizabeth R. and Sheila Gilbert. DAW 30th Anniversary Science Fiction Anthology. (anthology). Review.

Wolverton, Dan. “After a Lean Winter”. Raw Feed.

Worthy, Peter. “Old Ghost”. Review.

Wright, John C. “Guest Law”. Review.

Wright, S. Fowler. “The Rat”. Review.

Wyndham, John. “The Emptiness of Space”. Review.

Wynne, Douglas. “Rattled”. Review.


Yamada Masaki. “The Import of Terrors”. Raw Feed.

Yap, Isabel. “A Cup of Salt Tears”. Low Res Scan.

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn. “The Gold Bug Conundrum”. Review.

Yemstev, Mikhail and Eremei Parnov. “Everything But Love”. Raw Feed.

Yeovil, Jack. “The Big Fish”. Raw Feed.

Yermakov, Nicholas V. “A Glint of Gold”. Review.

Young, Robert F. “The Ogress”. Review.


Zahn, Timothy. “The Big Picture”. Review.

— “Cascade Point”. Raw Feed.

Zárate, Jóse Luis. “Wolves”. Review.

Zebrowski, George. “Lenin in Odessa”. Raw Feed.

— “Let Time Shape”. Raw Feed.

— “The Number of the Sand”. Raw Feed.

Zelazny, Roger. “24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai”. Raw Feed.

— “The Bands of Titan”. Raw Feed.

Creatures of Light and Darkness. Raw Feed.

— Damnation Alley. Review.

— “Dayblood”. Raw Feed.

— “Dreadsong”. Raw Feed.

Frost and Fire. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Home Is the Hangman”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Volume 1: The Short Happy Life of the Brown Oxford]. Raw Feed.

— “Itself Surprised”. Raw Feed.

— “LOKI 7281”. Raw Feed.

— Lord of Light. Review.

— “Mana From Heaven”. Raw Feed.

— A Night in the Lonesome October. Review.

— “Night Kings”. Raw Feed.

— “Permafrost”. Raw Feed.

— “Quest’s End”. Raw Feed.

— “The Three Descents of Jeremy Baker”. Raw Feed.

Zelazny, Roger and Gerald Hausman. Wilderness. (associational). Review.

Zeldes, Leah A. “A Study in Sussex”. Review.

Zettel, Sarah. “Kinds of Strangers”. Raw Feed.

Zimmerman, Minerva. “Copper”. Review.

Zinos-Amaro, Alvaro. Traveler of Worlds: Conversations with Robert Silverberg. (nonfiction). Review.

Zumpe, Lee Clark. “The Man from Turkey Creek Canyon”. Review