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Fantastic fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, weird stories and some pulp fiction like Doc Savage. It also includes related critical and biographical works.

“Low Res Scan” links to you to reviews which may not cover the entire contents of a book.

“Raw Feed” links take you to what are essentially my lightly edited notes on a work.

“Essay” links are to long review pieces with spoilers.

A title index to fantastic fiction reviews exists.


Abbott, Edwin A. Flatland. (excerpt). Review.

Abe, Kobo. “The Flood”. Raw Feed.

Abnett, David. “Point of No Contact”. Review.

Abraham, Daniel. “The Best Monkey”. Review.

Adams, Benjamin. “Second Movement”. Raw Feed.

Adler, Emily. “‘Always Sea and Sea’: The Night Land as Sea-Scape”. (nonfiction). Review.

Aickman, Robert. “The Coffin House”. Review.

— “Larger Than Oneself”. Raw Feed.

Akers, Tim. “A Soul Stitched in Iron”. Review.

Akinari, Ueda. “The Chrysanthemum Pledge”. Review.

Aldiss, Brian. “Aboard the Beatitu Raw Feed.de”. Review.

— “All the World’s Tears”. Raw Feed.

— “Appearance of Life”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “An Apollo Asteroid”. Raw Feed.

— “Confluence”. Raw Feed.

— “The Dark Soul of the Night”. Raw Feed.

— “The Difficulties in Photographing Nix Olympica”. Raw Feed.

— “Door Slams in Fourth World”. Raw Feed.

— “The Failed Men”. Raw Feed.

Finches of Mars. Review.

— “The Girl and the Robot with Flowers”. Raw Feed.

— “The Gods in Flight”. Raw Feed.

— “Heresies of the Huge God”. Raw Feed.

— “Infestation”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [Man in His Time: Best SF Stories]. Raw Feed.

An Island Called Moreau. Raw Feed.

— “Last Orders”. Raw Feed.

— “Man in His Time”. Raw Feed.

— Man in His Time: Best SF Stories. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Man on Bridge”. Raw Feed.

— “My County ‘Tis Not Only of Thee”. Raw Feed.

Non-Stop. Review.

— “Outside”. Raw Feed.

— “Poor Little Warrior!”. Raw Feed.

— “The Saliva Tree”. Raw Feed.

— “Sober Noises of Morning in a Marginal Land”. Raw Feed.

— “Steppenpferd”. Raw Feed.

— “Super-Toys Last All Summer Long”. Raw Feed.

— “Who Can Replace a Man?”. Raw Feed.

— “Working in the Spaceship Yard”. Review. Raw Feed.

Aldiss, Brian W. and Roger Penrose. White Mars. Review.

Allan, Nina. “The Barricade”. Review.

Allen, Bill D. and Sherri Dean. “Clay Allison and the Haunted Head”. Review.

Allen, Grant. “The Child of the Phalanstery”. Review.

Allen, Quincy. “Family Heirloom”. Review.

Allen, Roger MacBride. “Evolving Conspiracy”. Low Res Scan.

Allen, Shannon. “Before All Else”. Review.

Allen, Shannon and J. R. Campbell. By the Light of Camelot.  (anthology). Review.

Ambuehl, James. Hardboiled Cthulhu: Two-Fisted Tales of Tentacled Terror. (anthology). Review.

— “The Pisces Club”. Review.

Amis, Kingsley. “Mason’s Life”. Review.

Anderson, Colleen. “Asylum”. Review.

— “Sir Tor and the River Maiden”. Review.

Anderson, Kevin J. “Canals in the Sand”. Raw Feed.

Anderson, Kevin J. “Special Makeup”. Raw Feed.

War of the Worlds: Global Dispatches. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Anderson, Poul. Genesis. Review.

— The High Crusade. Raw Feed.

— “In the House of Sorrows”. Raw Feed.

— “The Longest Voyage”. Raw Feed.

— “No Truce with Kings”. Review.

— “Star-flights and Fantasies: Sagas Still to Come”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “The Star Plunderer”. Raw Feed.

— “Statesman”. Review.

— “When Free Men Shall Stand”. Raw Feed.

Andrew, C. J. “Don’t Waste Anything”. Low Res Scan.

Andrew, Jason. “A Dream of a Country Cottage”. Review.

Anderson, K. G. “Escape from the Lincoln County Courthouse”. Review.

Anonymous, trans. Seamus Heaney. Beowulf: A New Verse Translation. Review.

Anthony, Piers. “Getting Through University”. Review.

Antieau, Kim. “The Mark of the Beast”. Raw Feed.

Anvil, Christopher. “The King’s Legions”. Review.

Apostolou, John L. and Martin H. Greenberg. The Best Japanese Science Fiction Stories. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Aren, Eric. “A Cure for Boundary Pirates”. Review.

— “Victory!”. Review.

Ardai, Charles and Cynthia Mason. Future Crime: An Anthology of the Shape of Crime to Come. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Armstrong, Kelly. “The Orange Cat”. Review.

Arnold, H. F. “The Night Wire”. Review.

Arnott, Jake. The House of Rumour. Review.

Arnyvelde, Andre. The Ark. Review.

The Ark, translated by Brian Stableford. (omnibus). Review.

The King of Galade. Review.

Aronson, Mark. “The Adventure of the Second Scarf”. Review.

— “President-Elect”. Raw Feed.

Asamatsu Ken. Night Voices, Night Journeys: Lairs of the Hidden Gods, Volume One. (anthology). Raw Feed.

— “The Plague of St. James Infirmary”. Raw Feed.

Ashbless, William. On Pirates. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Slouching Towards Gayalou”. Raw Feed.

— “Those Two Liars”. Raw Feed.

Asher, Neal. “Mason’s Rat: Autotractor”. Review.

— “Mason’s Rats: Black Rat”. Review.

Ashley, Mike. “Fighters of Fear”. (nonfiction). Review.

Asimov, Isaac. “Mirror Image”. Review.

— “The Tercentenary Incident”. Low Res Scan.

Asimov, Isaac, Martin H. Greenberg, and Charles Waugh. The Science Fictional Olympics: The Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction #2. (anthology). Review.

Tin Stars: The Wonderful Worlds of Science Fiction #5. (anthology). Review.

Atherton, Gertrude. The White Morning: A Novel of the Power of the German Women in Wartime. Review.

Atkinson, Nigel. “An Exhalation of Butterflies”. Review.

— “A Mouse in the Walls of the Lesser Redoubt”. Review.

Attanasio, A. A. “Ink From the New Moon”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

Atwood, Margaret. “The Eye of Heaven”. Review.

Auverigne, Amanda Lawrence. “After Dinner Mint”. Review.

— After Dinner Mint & Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “Compliment”. Review.

— “A High Level of Achievement”. Review.

— “In the Snow”. Review.

— “The Will”. Review.

Avallone, Michael. “The Man Who Thought He Was Poe”. Review.


Bacigalupi, Paolo. “Pump Six”. Review.

Baily, David and Nathan Ballingrud. “The Crevasse”. Review.

Bailey, Hilary. “The Fall of Frenchy Steiner”. Review.

Bailey, Robin Wayne. “Angel on the Outward Side”. Review.

Baker, Kage. “The Books”. Review.

— “Maelstrom”. Review.

Ballard, J. G. “The Cloud-Sculptors of Coral D”. Raw Feed.

Concrete Island. (associational). Review.

— Crash. (associational). Raw Feed.

— “Cry Hope, Cry Fury!”. Raw FeedRaw Feed.

The Crystal World. Raw Feed.

— “The Drowned Giant”. Review.

— “Prima Belladonna”. Raw Feed.

— “Say Goodbye to the Wind”. Raw Feed.

— “The Screen Game”. Raw Feed.

— “The Singing Statues”. Raw Feed.

— “Studio 5, The Stars”. Raw Feed.

— “The Thousand Dreams of Stellavista”. Raw Feed.

— “Venus Smiles”. Raw Feed.

Vermilion Sands. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “The Voices of Time”. Review.

Ballingrud, Nathan. “The Atlas of Hell”. Low Res Scan.

Ballingrud, Nathan and David Bailey. “The Crevasse”. Review.

Banks, Raymond E. “Walter Perkins Is Here!”. Review.

Barbet, Pierre. Baphomet’s Meteor. Raw Feed.

Bark, Jasper. “And Light Is His Garment”. Review.

Barlow, R. H. [and H. P. Lovecraft]. “The Night Ocean”. Raw Feed.

— “‘Till A’ the Seas'”. Raw Feed.

Barnes, Scott T. “Insect Sculptor”. Review.

Barnes, Steven and Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle. The Legacy of Heorot. Raw Feed.

Barr, Robert. “The Doom of London”. Review.

Barrett, Jr., Neal. “Grubber”. Review.

Barron, Laird. “Catch Hell”. Review.

— “Strappado”. Review.

— “We Smoke the Northern Lights”. Review.

X’s for Eyes. Low Res.

Barton, William. Acts of Conscience. Review.

— “In Saturn Time”. Raw Feed.

A Plague of All Cowards. Review.

When We Were Real. Review.

Barton, William and Michael Capobianco. “The Adventure of the Russian Grave”. Review.

Bass, T. J. The Godwhale. Raw Feed.

— Half Past Human. Raw Feed.

Baugh, Matthew. “Decently and Quietly Dead”. Review.

— “Trail of the Brujo”. Review.

Baxter, Stephen. Anti-Ice. Review.

— “Artifacts”. Review.

— “Columbiad”. Raw Feed.

— “Gossamer”. Raw Feed.

— “Huddle”. Raw Feed.

— The Martian in the Wood. Review.

— The Massacre of Mankind. Review.

— Navigator: Time’s Tapestry Book Three. Review.

— “Remembrance”. Review.

The Time Ships. Raw Feed.

— “The Twelfth Album”. Raw Feed.

Weaver: Time’s Tapestry Book Four. Review.

Bear, Elizabeth and Sarah Monette. “Mongoose”. Review.

Bear, Greg. Anvil of Stars. Raw Feed

— Beyond the Farthest Suns: The Complete Short Fiction of Greg Bear, Volume Three. (collection). Review.

— “Blood Music”. Raw Feed.

— “Characters Great and Small in SF: ‘Sisters’”. (nonfiction). Review.

— City at the End of Time. Review.

— “Dead Run”. Raw Feed.

— Eon. Review.

— Eternity. Review.

— “The Fall of the House of Escher”. Review.

— The Forge of God. Raw Feed.

— “Hardfought”. Raw Feed. Review.

Heads, Greg Bear. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” [The Wind From a Burning Woman]. Review.

— “Judgment Engine”. Review.

— Legacy. Review.

— “Mandala”. Review.

— “A Martian Ricorso”. Raw Feed.

— “MDIO Ecosystems Increase Knowledge of DNA Languages (2215 C.E.)”. Review.

— “On Losing the Taint of Being a Cannibal”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “Perihesperon”. Review.

— “Petra”. Review.

Queen of Angels. Raw Feed.

— “Scattershot”. Review.

— “Schrodinger’s Plague”. Raw Feed.

— “Sisters”. Raw Feed.

— “Sleepside Story”. Raw Feed.

— “Tangents”. Raw Feed.

Tangents. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Through No Road Whither”. Review. Raw Feed.

— “The Venging”. Review.

— “The Way of All Ghosts”. Review.

— “Webster”. Raw Feed.

— “The White Horse Child”. Review.

— “The Wind From a Burning Woman”. Review.

— The Wind From a Burning Woman. (collection). Review.

Beason, Doug. “Determinism and the Martian War, with Relativistic Corrections”. Raw Feed.

Beck, Peter J. The War of the Worlds: From H. G. Wells to Orson Welles, Jeff Wayne, Steven Spielberg & Beyond. (nonfiction). Review.

Beckett, Chris. “The Marriage of Sky and Sea”. Raw Feed.

— “Valour”. Raw Feed.

Bell, Dana. “The Bells”. Review.

Bell, M. Shayne. “The Thing About Benny”. Raw Feed.

— “To See the World End”. Raw Feed.

Bellet, Annie. “Beneath the Ice and Still”. Review.

— Deep Black Beyond. (collection). Review.

— “The Light of the Earth as Seen from Tartarus”. Review.

— “The Memory of Bone”. Review.

— “No Spaceships Go”. Review.

— “Pele’s Bee-Keeper”. Review.

Benedict, A. K. “Departures”. Review.

Benford, Gregory. “Beyond the Fall of Night”. Raw Feed.

— “A Dance to Strange Musics”. Raw Feed.

— “Doing Lennon”. Raw Feed.

— “The Eagle and the Cross”. Review.

— “Exposures”. Raw Feed.

— “In Alien Flesh”. Raw Feed.

— In Alien Flesh. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Manassas, Again”. Raw Feed.

— “Me/Days”. Raw Feed.

— “Nooncoming”. Raw Feed.

— “Of Space/Time and the River”. Raw Feed.

— “Redeemer”. Raw Feed.

— “Relativistic Effects”. Raw Feed.

— “The Rose and the Scalpel”. Review.

— “Snatching the Bot”. Raw Feed.

— “Time Shards”. Raw Feed.

— “Time’s Rub”. Raw Feed.

— “To the Storming Gulf”. Raw Feed.

— “Valhalla”. Review.

— “The Voice”. Review.

— “We Could Do Worse”. Raw Feed. Raw Feed.

— “White Creatures”. Raw Feed.

— “A Worm in the Well”. Raw Feed.

— “The Worm Turns”. Review.

— “Zoomers”. Raw Feed.

Benford, Gregory and Arthur C. Clarke. Beyond the Fall of Night. (collection). Raw Feed.

Benford, Gregory and David Brin. “Paris Conquers All”. Raw Feed.

— “Afterword: Retrospective”. Raw Feed.

Benford, Gregory and Martin H. Greenberg. Hitler Victorious. (anthology). Review.

What Might Have Been, Volume 1: Alternate Empires. (anthology). Raw Feed.

What Might Have Been, Volume 2: Alternate Heroes. (anthology). Raw Feed.

What Might Have Been, Volume 3: Alternate Wars. (anthology). Raw Feed.

What Might Have Been, Volume 4: Alternate Americas. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Bennett, Renee. “The Song of the Star”. Review.

Benson, E. F. “The Horror-Horn”. Review.

— “The Room in the Tower”. Review.

Benson, Stella. Living Alone. Review.

Beresford, J. D. “A Negligible Experiment”. Review.

Berger, Lou J. “Nikki Dark and the Black Rust”. Review.

Berglund, E. P. “A Dangerous High”. Review.

— “Editor’s Foreword” [The Disciples of Cthulhu]. Raw Feed.

Berkeley, Elizabeth and Lewis Theobald, Jun. “The Crawling Chaos”. Raw Feed.

Berkeley, Elizabeth Neville and Lewis Theobald, Jun. “The Green Meadow”. Raw Feed.

Berliner, Janet. “The True Tale of the Final Battle of Umslopogaas the Zulu”. Raw Feed.

Berrigan, Richard. “Fire Eye Gem”. Review.

Berthoud, Henry. “A Heavenward Voyage”. Review.

Bertin, Eddy C. “Darkness, My Name Is”. Raw Feed.

Bertrand, Adrien. “The Rain that surpised Candide in his Garden”. Review.

Besant, Walter. “The Memory Cell”. Review.

bes Shahar, eluki. “Read Only Memory”. Review.

Bester, Alfred. “5,271,009”. Raw Feed.

— “Adam and No Eve”. Raw Feed.

— The Computer Connection. Raw Feed.

The Demolished Man. Raw Feed.

The Deceivers. Raw Feed.

— “Disappearing Act”. Raw Feed.

— “Fondly Fahrenheit”. Raw Feed.

— “The Four-Hour Fugue”. Raw Feed.

Golem 100. Raw Feed.

— “Hell Is Forever”. Raw Feed.

— “Hobson’s Choice”. Raw Feed.

— “Isaac Asimov”. Raw Feed.

— “The Men Who Murdered Mohammed”. Raw Feed.

— “Ms. Found in a Champagne Bottle”. Raw Feed.

— “My Affair With Science Fiction”. Raw Feed.

— “Oddy and Id”. Raw Feed.

— “Of Time and Third Avenue”. Raw Feed.

— “The Pi Man”. Raw Feed.

— “The Roller Coaster”. Raw Feed.

— “Somebody Up There Likes Me”. Raw Feed.

Starburst. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Star Light, Star Bright”. Raw Feed.

Starlight: The Great Short Fiction of Alfred Bester. (collection). Raw Feed.

The Stars My Destination. Raw Feed.

— “They Don’t Make Life Like They Used To”. Raw Feed.

— “Time Is the Traitor”. Raw Feed.

— “Travel Diary”. Raw Feed.

Betancourt, John, Byron Preiss, Megan Miller, and David Keller. The Ultimate Werewolf. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Beukes, Lauren. “Chislehurst Messiah”. Review.

Bieger, Dan. “On the Cheap”. Review.

Bierce, Ambrose. “An Adventure at Brownville.” Review.

— “The Annals of the Future Historian”. Review.

— “Ashes of the Beacon”. Review.

— “A Baby Tramp”. Review.

— “A Baffled Ambuscade”. Review.

— “Beyond the Wall”. Review.

— “The Boarded Window”. Review.

— “A Chronicle of the Time to Be”. Review.

— “The Damned Thing”. Review.

— “The Death of Halpin Frayser”. Review.

— “The Decay of the Nose”. Review.

— “A Diagnosis of Death”. Review.

— “The Eyes of the Panther”. Review.

— “The Fall of Christian Civilization.” Review.

The Fall of the Republic and Other Political Satires. (collection). Review.

— “The Famous Gilson Bequest”. Review.

— “For the Ahkoond”. Review. Review.

— “Haita the Shephard”. Review.

— “The Haunted Valley”. Review.

— “A Holy Terror”. Review.

— “Infumiferous Tacitite”. Review.

— “An Inhabitant of Carcosa”. Review. Review.

— “John Bartine’s Watch”. Review.

— “A Jug of Sirrup”. Review.

— “The Land Beyond the Blow”. Review.

— “The Man and the Snake”. Review.

— “The Middle Toe of the Right Foot”. Review. Review.

— “The Moonlit Road”. Review.

— “Moxon’s Master”. Review.

— “The Night-Doings at ‘Deadman’s'”. Review.

— “An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge”. Review.

— “One of the Missing”. Review.

— “One of Twins”. Review.

— “One Summer Night”. Review.

— “The Other Lodgers”. Review.

— “A Psychological Shipwreck”. Review.

— “The Realm of the Unreal”. Review.

— “A Resumed Identity”. Review.

— “A Scientific Dream”. Review.

— “The Secret of Macarger’s Gulch”. Review.

— “Staley Fleming’s Hallucination”. Review.

— “The Suitable Surroundings”. Review.

— “Three and One Are One”. Review.

— “A Tough Tussle”. Review.

— “Two Military Executions”. Review.

— “A Watcher by the Dead”. Review.

— “The Ways of Ghosts”. Review.

— “Will the Coming Man Sleep?”. Review.

Bilgrey, Marc. “Home World”. Review.

Bishop, Zealia [and H. P. Lovecraft. “The Curse of Yig”. Raw Feed.

— “Medusa’s Coil”. Raw Feed.

— “The Mound”. Raw Feed.

Bisson, Terry. “In the Upper Room”. Raw Feed.

— “Macs”. Raw Feed.

— “An Office Romance”. Review.

Blackmore, Leigh. “Things Invisible: Human and Ab-Human in Two of Hodgson’s Carnacki Stories”. (nonfiction). Review.

Blaylock, James P. “The Devil in the Details”. Review.

Homunculus. Raw Feed.

— “William Ashbless: A Clarification”. Raw Feed.

Blaylock, James P. and Tim Powers. “The Better Boy”. Raw Feed.

— The Devil in the Details. (collection) Review.

— “Fifty Cents”. Review.

— “We Traverse Afar”. Raw Feed.

Bloch, Robert. “Introduction” [The Disciples of Cthulhu]. Raw Feed.

— “The Man Who Collected Poe”. Review.

— “Notebook Found in a Deserted House”. Review.

— “The Shadow from the Steeple”. Review.

— “The Shambler from the Stars”. Review.

— “That Hell-Bound Train”. Review.

— “A Toy for Juliette”. Review.

— “Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper”. Review.

Bloch, Robert and Edgar Allan Poe. “The Lighthouse”. Review.

Blum, Liliana V. “Pink Lemonade”. Review.

Bojaciuk, James. “Carnacki Pastiche: A Bibliography”. (nonfiction). Review.

— “A Concluding Oink: An Abnormal Flight of Fancy”. (nonfiction). Review.

Bonansinga, Jay R. “Big Bust at Herbert Hoover High”. Raw Feed.

— “Black Celebration”. Raw Feed.

Bond, Charlotte. “The Lies We Tell”. Review.

Boop, David. “The (Almost) Entirely Untrue Legend of John Henry”. Review.

— “Bleeding the Bank Dry”. Review.

— “The Edge of the Grave”. Review.

— “The Tale of Uji the Griot”. Review.

— “The Temptation of Darcy Morgan”. Review.

Booth, Roy C. and Axel Kohagen. “Screamin’ Siren”. Low Res Scan.

Borders, Robb. “The Shop on the Borderland”. Review.

Bose, Robert. “Atargatis”. Review.

Boucher, Anthony. “A Shape in Time”. Review.

— “Snulbug”. Review

— “They Bite”. Review.

Boulanger, Anthony. “A Day and Night in Providence”. Review.

Bourne, Mark. “The Case of the Detective’s Smile”. Review.

Bova, Ben. “2042: A Cautiously Pessimistic View”. Raw Feed.

— “The Kingdom Come”. Raw Feed.

Bova, Ben and Harlan Ellison. “Brillo”. Review.

Bova, Ben and Frederik Pohl and Jerry Pournelle and Charles Sheffield. Future Quartet: Earth in the Year 2014: A Four-Part-Invention. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Bowes, Richard. “The Officer of Doom”. Review.

Boyd, Jacob A. “Lost Pine”. Review.

Bradbury, Ray. “Homecoming”. Review.

— “Mr. Pale”. Review.

Bradshaw, Duncan P. “Mutant Building 101”. Review.

Brawner, Jessica. “Bad Altitude”. Review.

Brennan, Joseph Payne. “The Feaster From Afar”. Raw Feed. Review.

Bretnor, Reginald. The Craft of Science Fiction: A Symposium on Writing Science Fiction and Science Fantasy. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “SF:  The Challenge to the Writer”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “To a Different Drum”. Raw Feed.

Brin, David. “Life in the Extreme”. Raw Feed.

— “Reality Check”. Raw Feed.

— “Thor Meets Captain America”. Review.

Brin, David and Gregory Benford. “Paris Conquers All”. Raw Feed.

— “Afterword: Retrospective”. Raw Feed.

Broadbeard, Raymond. “Total Count: A Story of Enumeration and Numbers”. Review.

Brock, Jason V., William F. Nolan, and Sunni K. Brock. “Afterlife”. Review.

Brock, Sunni K., William F. Nolan, and Jason V. Brock. “Afterlife”. Review.

Broderick, Damien and Robert Silverberg. Beyond the Doors of Death. Review.

Brown, Chris N. and Eduardo Jiménez Mayo. Three Messages and a Warning: Contemporary Mexican Stories of the Fantastic. (anthology) Review.

Brown, Dakota. “The Life”. Review.

Brown, Dani. “Drip”. Review.

Brown, Eric. “Sunworld”. Review.

Brown, Nigel. “Catharsis”.Review.

Bruce, Georgina. “The Book of Dreems”. Review.

Brunner, John. “The Science Fiction Novel”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Stand  on Zanzibar. Review.

— “Thinkertoy”. Raw Feed.

— “The Totally Rich”. Review.

Bryant, Edward. “Talkin’ Trailer Trash”. Raw Feed.

Brzeski, Dave and John Linwood Grant. Occult Detective Quarterly Presents. (anthology). Low Res Scan.

Buchan, John. “The Watcher by the Threshold”. Review.

Buchanan, Ginjer. “The End of the Summer by the Great Sea”. Raw Feed.

Bucher-Jones, Simon. “Some Thoughts on the Problem of Order”. Review.

Budrys, Algis. “In Clouds of Glory”. Raw Feed.

— “Never Meet Again”. Review.

Rogue Moon. Raw Feed.

Bullington, Jesse. “The Door from Earth”. Review.

Bulwer-Lytton, Sir Edward. “The Haunted and the Haunters: Or the House and the Brain”. Review.

Burfield, Jane Petersen. “The Inheritance”. Review.

Burgess, Anthony. “The Muse”. Review.

— The Wanting Seed. Review.

Burks, Arthur J. “Bells of Oceana”. Review.

— “The Mind Master”. Review.

Burroughs, Edgar Rice. The Land That Time Forgot. Review.

Out of Time’s Abyss. Review.

The People That Time Forgot. Review.

Burrowes, Jon. “The Elephant-Ass Thing.” Raw Feed.

— “The Uprising”. Raw Feed.

Busby, F. M. “Tundra Moss”. Raw Feed.

Butler, Blake. “The Disappeared”. Review.


Cadigan, Pat. “Dispatches From the Revolution”. Raw Feed.

— “No Prisoners”. Raw Feed.

— “Truth and Bone”. Review.

Caethe, Vivian. “The Company Men”. Review.

— “The Feast of Hungry Ghosts”. Review.

Cain, Kenneth W. “Avenged”. Review.

— “Hired Hand”. Review.

Caine, Rachel. “A Dying of the Light”. Review.

Campbell, J. A. “Brown and the Lost Dutchman Mine”. Review.

— “The Haunted Saloon”. Review.

— “The Martian Menace of 1897”. Review.

— “RCAF (Royal Canine Air Force)”. Review.

— “Red and the Big Bad Wolf: Monster Hunters”. Review.

— “Serpent’s Rest”. Review.

— Steampunk Trails 1. (anthology). Review.

— Steampunk Trails 2. (anthology). Review.

— Story Emporium #1. (anthology). Review.

— Story Emporium #2. (anthology). Review.

— “The Very Successful Mission”. Review.

Campbell, John W. “The Barbarians Within”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

— “Tribesman, Barbarians and Citizens”. (nonfiction). Raw Feed.

Campbell, J. R. “Ghost Child”. Review.

Campbell, J. R. and Shannon Allen. By the Light of Camelot. (anthology). Review.

Campbell, J. Ramsey. “Cold Print”. Review.

— “Getting It Wrong”. Review.

Campbell, Lynne. “Backbone Isn’t Always Enough”. Review.

Campbell, Ramsey. “The Brood”. Review.

— “The Church in the High Street”. Raw Feed.

— “Introduction” (Solomon Kane). Raw Feed.

— “Jack’s Little Friend”. Review.

— “The Tugging”. Raw Feed.

Campbell-Hicks, Jennifer. “Snake Oil”. Review.

Capobianco, Michael and William Barton. “The Adventure of the Russian Grave”. Review.

Carani, David. “The Paradise Aperture”. Review.

Card, Orson Scott. “Dogwalker”. Low Res Scan.

Carlson, Jeff. “Caninus”. Review.

— “Damned When You Do”. Review.

— “Enter Sandman”. Review.

— “Gunfight at the Sugarloaf Pet Food & Taxidermy”. Review.

— “Interrupt”. Review.

Interrupt. Review.

— Long Eyes and Other Stories. (collection). Review.

— “A Lovely Little Christmas Fire”. Review.

— “Meme”. Review.

— “Monsters”. Review.

— “Nurture”. Review.

— “Pattern Masters”. Review.

— Plague War. Review.

Plague Year. Review.

Plague Zone. Review.

— “Planet of the Sealies”. Review.

— “Snack Food”. Review.

Carney, Paul J. “The Warden of Chaco Canyon”. Review.

Caro, Anna. “This Other World”. Review.

Caroll, Siobhan. “Wendigo Nights”. Low Res Scan.

Carr, Jayge. “The War of ’07”. Raw Feed.

Carr, John. Federation. (collection). Review.

Paratime. Raw Feed.

Carr, John F. and Jerry Pournelle. Imperial Stars, Vol. 1: The Stars at War. (anthology). Raw Feed.

Carriger, Gail. Changeless. Review.

Soulless. Review.

Carroll, Lenore. “Eldon’s Penitente”. Raw Feed.

Carter, Lin. “Zoth-Ommog”. Raw Feed.

Casil, Amy Sterling. Imago. Review.

Casper, Susan. “Holmes Ex Machina”. Review.

Castle, Mort. “Teachers”. Raw Feed.

Castle, Jack. White Death. Review.

Castro, Adam-Troy. “The Good, the Bad, and the Danged”. Raw Feed.

Cassutt, Michael. “Mules in Horses’ Harness”. Raw Feed.

Cervantes, Mike. “The Scarlet Derby and the Midnight Jay”. Review.

Chabon, Michael. “In the Black Mill”. Review.

Chalker, Jack L. “Now Falls the Cold, Cold Night”. Raw Feed.

Chambers, James. “The Roaches in the Wall”. Review.

Chambers, Robert W. “The Demoiselle D’Ys”. Review.

— “The Harbor-Master”. Review.

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When Gravity Fails. Raw FeedRaw Feed.

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Winter Tide. Review.

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— “This Is Not For You”. Review.

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— “The Old Man and C”. Raw Feed.

— “Out of the Mouths”. Raw Feed.

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— “Lay Your Head on My Pilose”. Low Res Scan.

— “The Muffin Migration”. Review.

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Orphans of the Sky. Review.

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The Exodus Towers. Review.

The Plague Forge. Review.

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— “Mountain Man”. Review.

— “Spook”. Review.

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— “Blades of the Brotherhood”. Raw Feed.

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— “The Children of Asshur”. Raw Feed.

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Solomon Kane. (collection). Raw Feed.

— “Valley of the Worm”. Review.

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— Demon Lights. Review.

Witch Lights. Review.

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