Theoretically, my hands will not be on a keyboard for Halloween so you get this retro-review.

Not really holiday appropriate. You get what you pay for.

A retro review, of a self-published work, from February 11, 2012. I got a review copy through LibraryThing.

Out of curiosity, I checked to see what Mr. Pennington has been up to. I found a curious lack of an internet presence for him now.

Review: Bacterium, Nathan Pennington, 2011.Bacterium

This book’s title is pretty much truth-in-advertising with the thriller part being more of the story than the science fictional end of the world.

After killing off the President of the United States in the first chapter, we are introduced to the young couple of Sveta and Derek Silverman of Waukesha, Wisconsin. (Pennington carries on the time honored tradition of authors trashing their hometowns in a disaster story.) After a late night run to an emergency room to get help for their very sick baby, they find a hospital full of dead people and others who have just keeled over in their cars.

After their baby dies and no real news to be found on the internet or tv, they think answers and help may be coming from a group in Madison, Wisconsin, but, when the hoped for rescuers show up with guns and murderous intent, the hunt is on. Continue reading “Bacterium”