The Cusanus Game

Cusanus GameThe Cusanus Game was not my first encounter with Jeschke. I had read his “Loitering at Death’s Door” in James Gunn’s The Road to Science Fiction Volume 6: Around the World. Unfortunately, that was at a time I had given up making notes on my reading as a time wasting compulsion. And now I don’t remember what it was about. Thus the compulsion has been resumed.

I do like to read the occasional non-Anglophone bit of science fiction.

It’s not a guilt thing. It’s a novelty thing.

I’m curious as to what people with different histories and living in a different part of the world will due with the themes and motifs of science fiction.

So, I’d heard of Jeschke and wanted to read some more German science fiction. (No, I have not read Perry Rhodan. If life were longer, perhaps I would.)

ReviewThe Cusanus Game by Wolfgang Jeschke

The greatness of this book lies in its novel mechanics of time travel, its structure, its setpieces, its mixture of alternate history and time travel, its poignancy and paradoxes, and the fate of a heroine whose voice is so appealing. Continue reading “The Cusanus Game”